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Auto Car Maintenance: Expert Tips For Car Enthusiasts

Your passion for cars goes beyond merely owning a vehicle—it defines a lifestyle with distinct tastes and a commitment to automotive excellence. Car enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes, from the hobbyist tinkering in the garage to the serious racer burning rubber on the track. This exploration aims to provide specialized insight and tips that go beyond the general, tailored specifically for the enthusiast. Knowing a reliable auto repair near me is invaluable to keep your prized machine always at its peak performance. But it goes beyond that. Let’s take a closer look at what makes car enthusiasts who they are and some tips and insights for living your best auto life.

Who is a Car Enthusiast?

You've probably heard the term "car enthusiast," but what sets them apart from the average Joe who just needs a ride to work? The 2022 Auto Enthusiast Study spells it out—car enthusiasts own nearly 50% more cars than the general population and often become the go-to advisors for vehicle purchases among friends and family. It's not just about owning a car or two. It's about the passion for the automotive world that fuels a lifestyle.

And don't think you need to own a garage full of vintage classics to be an enthusiast. According to the experts, the car lover spectrum is wide and varied. Some folks live for the thrill of speed and performance, always choosing horsepower over cargo space. Others relish in the mechanics, enjoying nothing more than a weekend spent under the hood. In essence, if you find yourself prioritizing anything about cars above their basic function as transportation, congratulations—you're a car enthusiast.

How Car Enthusiasts Spend Their Time and Money

The world of car enthusiasts is as diverse as the cars they love. Some indulge in the adrenaline rush of racing—be it Formula One or local drag strips—while others find joy in restoring an old beater to its former glory. Activities range from the high-octane to the cerebral, like attending car shows to appreciate the artistry of automotive design or diving into auto blogs and magazines.

When it comes to splurging, there's a wide range too. You might invest thousands in a car modification project or seek the comparatively low-cost thrill of collecting auto magazines. Generally, enthusiasts aren't shy about spending on their passion, but they also value experiences over material possessions. So whether it's saving up for that dream track day or merely enjoying a scenic drive, know that there's no single "right" way to be a car enthusiast. It's all about what makes your motor run.

The Importance of Informed Choices

In the ever-evolving world of automotive technology, staying informed isn't just a good idea—it's essential. Being a car enthusiast means you're passionate, sure, but passion should be backed by knowledge. It's not enough to just love the roar of an engine; you need to understand what makes that roar special. That means staying abreast of the latest trends, news, and innovations. You want to be the one advising multiple people per year, not the one looking for advice.

So how do you stay in the loop? Car clubs and online forums are invaluable resources. These platforms not only give you a place to geek out over the latest sports car release but also keep you informed about automotive technologies, recalls, and best practices. It's not just about being a fan—it's about being an educated one.

Expert Maintenance Tips: Beyond the Basics

When it comes to maintenance, a car enthusiast knows that the basics just won't cut it—especially for high-performance vehicles. Let's talk about tire care. For a high-speed, high-performance car, incorrect tire pressure or worn treads can seriously hinder your driving experience and even pose safety risks. It's not just about filling the air. It's about understanding tire rotation and alignment while having the right set of tires for your driving conditions and situations.

Another often-overlooked area is the fuel filter replacement. Regularly replacing the fuel filter ensures that your engine is only getting the cleanest fuel, which translates to optimal performance and longer engine life. If you're all about keeping that car of yours in showroom condition, don't forget about detailing. It's not just washing and waxing—it's about choosing the right cleaning products, employing clay bar treatments, and using specialized techniques for interiors. In essence, attention to these details doesn't just maintain your car—it elevates it.

Skills Every Enthusiast Should Have

When we talk about a car enthusiast, we're not just talking about someone who loves the roar of an engine—we're talking about someone ready to get their hands dirty. Basic skills like changing oil, reading a dipstick, and swapping out a flat tire aren’t just skills, they’re badges of honor. These tasks are rites of passage that offer a real sense of accomplishment. There's something deeply satisfying about solving a car problem yourself, about listening to an engine hum perfectly because of your own handiwork.

That said, knowing your limitations is as crucial as knowing how to turn a wrench. Overconfidence can lead to costly, even dangerous, mistakes. The automotive world is vast, and there's always something new to learn. So, whether you're a weekend mechanic or a devoted gearhead, the journey toward mastery is endless—embrace it.

Making the Most of Your Passion

Being a car enthusiast is not a solitary endeavor—it's a community affair. Sure, joining a car club is about showing off your ride and admiring others. But it's also about collective wisdom, shared passion, and the unique sort of camaraderie that only like-minded gearheads can offer. The benefits go beyond aesthetics or mechanics. They seep into your very understanding and appreciation of this diverse, fascinating world of automobilia.

To deepen that understanding, don't limit yourself to online forums or monthly meetups. Visit the places where you can immerse yourself fully, like racetracks. Experience the adrenaline rush and the roar of engines in their natural habitat. If you're looking to expand your knowledge further, dive into books like "Go Like Hell" by A.J. Baime or subscribe to content-rich platforms like Petrolicious. You're not just a car owner—you're a car enthusiast. So live, learn, and drive like one.

Final Word: Fuel Your Passion Wisely

Embracing the car enthusiast lifestyle is about more than just looking good behind the wheel. It's about continuous learning, networking with like-minded individuals, and diligent car care. Taking your maintenance skills to the next level not only enhances your own driving experience but also boosts your reputation within the community. Fuel your passion wisely—your car, and your community, will thank you.

Wednesday 17 November 2021

GPS Tracker For Electric Cars; All You Need To know

The utilization of electric cars has been escalating over time since 2000 and its acclaim in the present era is extensive when set against vehicles run on fuels namely e10 petrol and diesel. The perks of having an electronic car in hand is bountiful and considering the attributes like zero emissions, lower operating budget, people are more into this ecologically sound technology. They gain momentum as they fit best as a daily go-to and short trip. 14.7% of registered usage of Electric, hybrid and plug-in cars have been reported by the UK market in 2021 making it known to be the colossal hub of electric cars around the world.

Despite all the worth, the trials of having one make people brush it aside and settle for the conservative mode of transit. The scanty driving range makes it unwilling for long rides especially considering the inadequate number of charging stations. Security uncertainty is also a concern when opting for EVs which are usually keyless. They can easily fall prey to theft for the sake of having high priced parts and swap value. Their quiet engines make them vulnerable to unsuspecting robbery. The more demand for electric cars, the higher the risk of theft. Consequently, several companies have come to the rescue with trackers, many of them working on GPS satellites.

How Do GPS Trackers Work In Electric Cars?

GPS trackers can help people to get rid of all the concerns regarding the security of their vehicles. They can be used on many automobiles including electronic and hybrid cars, fuel-run vehicles and many other automotive.

They work on satellites and can monitor the vehicle wherever they go. The tracking system works on predetermined rules by the owner. Monitoring operates through the satellite medium, and the information can be viewed via the mobile app connected to the device. The notification is sent into the device it is connected to when it goes beyond the present boundary.

Safeguard Your EV From The Evil Eyes Of The Carjackers

When talking about security, EVs are at a significant threat because of their high demand and luxurious parts. Keyless car theft is rising and people tend to seek avant-garde technologies and programs to shelter their EVs from the same. Although the muted and quiet nature of EVs is comforting, the same contribute to the risk of lifting without the knowledge of the owner.

Having a GPS vehicle tracker attached to your car would let you have the lordship of your car to the hilt. EV owners can lay out their fit peripheries and get pop up messages when moved out of it. The Geofence alerts can get you the moment and recoup your car in the wink of an eye. Above that, Ultra-modern tracking technologies allow your tracking system to be connected to the cops' team that work with tracker recovery systems and hence have the advantage of faster recovery.

Best Features Of A GPS Tracker For An EV

The first and best feature of a GPS tracker of an EV is location tracking. It will assist you in locating your vehicle in any situation. If you can't find your car in a crowded parking lot or if it's been stolen, real-time position monitoring supplied by the GPS device will be a lifesaver.

Customizable notifications and alarms are the features in a GPS tracking device of an EV. Receiving real-time signals about driving behaviour lowers risk and increases efficiency. Alarm features such as radius alarm, speed alarm, geo-fencing alarm, and ignition alarm will alert you in case of an emergency and allow you to take prompt action based on the scenario.

A mobile app is another best feature that comes with the GPS tracker of an EV. With the help of the app of the GPS monitoring gadget, you'll be able to look up information about your EV in a matter of seconds. A fully functional mobile app puts all the information you can get at your desk in the palm of your hand!

Geofence is the next feature that you can expect in your GPS tracker for your EV. A geofence is a virtual boundary created around a certain location or route using GPS technology which communicates with the vehicle's tracker when a vehicle enters or exits a specific area. You can set up geofences around all your vehicles and use the vehicle tracking system to notify you anytime one of those vehicles enters or exits that specific geofenced area.

Although Electronic vehicles have certain built-in security mechanisms, they are insufficient for total vehicle protection. GPS trackers not only provide security but also allow you to always keep track of your vehicle’s location. it is the best way to protect your EV and the memories that come with it.

Wednesday 27 October 2021

Why Do You Need A Car Diagnostic Tool?

 Diagnosing a car will forever be a daunting prospect. There are a myriad of components dotted here and there, with hundreds of would-be points of failure. That doesn't mean, however, that you ought to make it any harder on yourself or choose to not take the easy way out. What is this wizardry, you might ask? Well, it's called a car diagnostic tool, and it's here to make diagnosis a piece of cake.

Whether it be troubles with the engine, transmission woes, or worse of all, electrical gremlins hiding in the wires, it doesn't matter. Having a diagnostics tool in hand, and paired with your car's onboard computer and many sensors, can pinpoint the exact cause of failure right quick. In other words, this means that you can spend less time grumbling over what's wrong, and more time trying to fix it.

Here are just a few reasons why you need a car diagnostic tool...

1. It Can Potentially Save You (A Lot) Of Money

Car diagnostics tools - or OBD2 scanners - aren't cheap. Take the iCarsoft CR MAX, which remains to be one of the most featureful, intuitive, and best diagnostics scanners available on the market today. It costs £379.00, which is an eye-watering figure, for sure. But it's all the more worth it.

When patching up a problem with your car, there's always the risk of misdiagnosis. You think this, in particular, is what's causing the issue, but in fact, it could be a different problem entirely. Before you know it, you've spent countless hours and thousands of pounds swapping out the wrong parts.

Spare components aren't like shoes, you know. You can't quite simply mail them back once you're in the right mind to figure out that it still hasn't fixed your car. By knowing precisely what component is malfunctioning, you can more precisely analyse what needs fixing, or if a part requires replacing.

2. Get More Details As To What's Wrong

Every car has a check engine light. It's one of the worst alerts you could possibly get. However, fears around it can be rather overblown. Consider this... The check engine light is a very general warning sign that something's amiss with your car. It could, for instance, pinpoint a major powertrain issue.

This could cost you a pretty penny - three to four digits, roughly - to mend. Or, a check engine light is known to be triggered if you have a loose fuel filler cap. This issue, otherwise, would cost you nothing to simply screw it back tightly. As you can see, even your car isn't always clear about what's wrong.

Nonetheless, all that data is saved to the car's computer, which can be accessed and read directly by using a diagnostics tool. Plug in an OBD scanner, and you can precisely spot why the CEL - or another warning light - is triggered. You might also be acquainted with errors code that can explain more.

3. Convenience At Your Fingertip

Besides making it more likely to spot the actual cause of an issue and enable better judgement from you as to what to do next, having a car diagnostics tool is just plain convenient. Sure, you could send your car down to a workshop to have it diagnosed if you're noticing it behaving oddly.

Many workshops are modest with their pricing, charging you a (relatively) meagre £50 for a detailed diagnosis. Others, however, aren't so friendly, likely charging you hundreds for what is a simple job. You can skip this fee entirely with a diagnostics tool, allowing you to diagnose your car infinitely.

Thursday 22 October 2020

3 Electric Cars And Their Benefits

The invention of electric cars is still a relatively new concept that has sparked the automotive industries. This has led to different manufacturers worldwide embarking on the race to develop the best electric car. All this is in a bid to try and satisfy the ever-growing market. The reason behind the increased demand for these vehicles is that electric cars have environmental benefits too

If you’re looking to know the different types of electric cars and their benefits, don’t move a muscle. Here’s a detailed guide on three types of electric cars on the market and their benefits. With this in mind, you’ll better understand the reason behind the popularity of these cars. 

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) 

Image by Marilyn Murphy from Pixabay
These cars are also referred to as all-electric vehicles or pure electric vehicles. The reason for this is that they don’t incorporate an alternative power source. This means they don’t have an internal combustion engine and instead get powered entirely by the rechargeable battery with a full-electric drivetrain. Its unique design doesn’t feature many moving parts, meaning it has fewer moving parts than other kinds of electric cars. 

As a result, these cars need less maintenance. Furthermore, its simplicity makes it an endearing choice to many people who love a contemporary yet simple look. 

With this car, tune-ups or oil changes will be a thing of the past. Instead, you can save money in maintaining the vehicle, which translates to a considerable sum of money throughout the car’s lifespan. Moreover, the batteries of BEVs are bigger than those found on PHEVs or HEVs. Therefore, you’ll be able to travel for longer distances when driving this vehicle. All this is without producing any carbon emissions, making it a more environmentally-friendly choice. 

Hybrid Electric Vehicles 

These are cars that are powered by both electricity and petrol. The battery is recharged by the electric energy produced by the vehicle’s braking system. This process is referred to as regenerative braking. 

At the start of your journey, HEVs use an electric motor and start using a petrol engine once the speed or load increases. All the controls are handled by an internal computer that guarantees the best economy is achieved for different driving conditions. 

The advantage of hybrid electric vehicles is its lower cost of ownership than conventional vehicles. These vehicles also have an improved fuel economy, making it an excellent choice when looking to save some money in running your car. 

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
This type of vehicle is powered by both electricity and petrol. They’re also referred to as Extended-range Electric Vehicles (EREVs). The charging of these cars gets done both through plugging it to an exterior electrical charging outlet and regenerative braking. With these cars, you can travel longer distances since the petrol engine prolongs its range whenever the charge becomes low. 

This thus makes this electric car a great choice if you often travel for longer distances. With this car, you also get to enjoy better flexibility. This is because it can quickly be filled up with gasoline if charging stations are unavailable at the time. You also enjoy flexibility with PHEVs as you can opt to drive fully on electricity when not driving beyond the car’s electric range. At the same time, they still feature a combustion engine should you need it.

Saturday 17 October 2020

5 Steps to Buying a Used Car for Beginners

Buying a car can be a nightmare, especially if you are a beginner. It takes time and requires too much diligence. If credibility is of importance to you, you cannot wake up one day and get a car from anywhere. Acknowledge that it is a process. Do you want to buy a used car for the first time? Follow the steps below:

1)    Create A Target List

Buying a vehicle, whether used or new, needs diligence while creating a budget. Since there are many choices out there, you need to state your cost expectations and stick to it. Since you are a beginner, you may have no idea how to estimate your budget. Reach out for a reliable app that shows you features of various used cars. From there, you may have a clue on the characteristics you wish to have and do a complete MOT history check for the car. It is from here that you can research the prices in the market. If you create a budget blindly, you may end up buying a substandard car or one that you do not like.

2)    Identify The Used Cars

In the previous stage, you probably spotted a list of cars that favoured your interest and price. In this step, you make a conclusive decision on the specific vehicle you want to buy. Among the list, analyse the features versus the value. Pick one that most favours all your requirements.

3)    Contact The Seller

After you have spotted the car of your interest, contact the car dealer or the owner. Let them know of your interest. However, be careful. If you are dealing with a car dealer, certify they are legit. Check their history and review. If you cannot trace any past information about them, look for other dealers. Additionally, do not accept to pay any amount of money before you see the car.

4)    Evaluate The Quality

Now that you have identified the car and contacted the owner, it is time to check out the small details. From the list of the qualities that you want, check each of them, and certify that the car satisfies them. While at it, do not forget to do the following:

  • Certify it is a certified used car
  • Consider taking the car out for a test drive
  • Get a mechanic to evaluate the car
  • Obtain the title history

5)    Negotiate And Finalise The Purchase

Look at this scenario. Car model A costs $100,000 but has more features than B, which costs $90,000. Your budget is $90,000. You can negotiate with the seller and buy model 'A' at the price of 'B.' Therefore, negotiation is an important step. It may land you a better model. After negotiating, complete the purchase, a process where most buyers go wrong. Aside from paying the money, ensure you do the following:

  • If there is a limited warranty, get it in writing.
  • Read, and understand, the contract terms and other documents, then sign it
  • Transfer the car's ownership and register it

Thursday 17 September 2020

The Benefits And Risks Of Downsized Wheels

Automotive forums are full of good questions, but one of the most common is, “Is it possible to downsize wheels?” Or, “How does it work?” In this guide, we’ll address these issues, as well as the pros and cons of wheel downsizing.

The Right Way To Do It

When downsizing aftermarket wheels and car tyres, it’s best to consult with a mechanic or one of our fitment experts. Smaller wheels directly affect your vehicle’s braking and other systems in unexpected ways. Along with certain other risks, this is a good reason to seek professional advice.

The Benefits

If you’ve ever asked about wheel downsizing, you’ll find answers here. Read on to learn about the advantages of smaller wheels.

  • Lower fuel economy. When a vehicle weighs more, its engine may struggle to keep things going. However, lighter vehicles aren’t under such a load. The less strain your engine is under, the less fuel it uses.

  • Less wear and tear. Bigger tyres wear more quickly. They’re heavier, so it takes more effort to steer. That, along with lower sidewalls and wheel scraping, means that a smaller wheel and tyre package may be better.

  • Speedier acceleration. With a low-diameter wheel and tyre, the drivetrain’s gear ratio is reduced, and the engine has more room in which to create torque.

With smaller tyres, your vehicle will be closer to the ground. This means there’s less drag and faster acceleration.


Now that you’ve gotten answers to some common downsizing questions, you may wonder about the risks. There are a few, and we’ll discuss them below.

Diminished grip. Bigger 4X4 tyres have more contact with the road. This creates additional traction, which improves handling. These benefits aren’t available with smaller wheels and tyres.

Less cornering power. Because of the extra traction, bigger wheels bring better cornering. It’s not just safer; it’s more comfortable. With smaller wheels, that’s just not possible.

Another factor to consider is braking. When there’s less rubber gripping the surface of the road, it takes longer to bring the vehicle to a stop.

Is Downsizing A Good Idea?

In the end, there are a few benefits to downsized wheel and tyre packages. There are a few risks as well, and we hope we’ve covered them all in the sections above. With our guides and advice from the experts, you can downsize safely and effectively.

Tuesday 11 August 2020

Why investing in a car safety check is beneficial

Are you planning to buy a used vehicle? What are some of the things you need to know about the vehicle before you make the purchase? How can you check the history and the performance of the vehicle you want to buy? These are things one needs to be concerned about when they are buying a used vehicle. Some companies can help you check the history of vehicles before you buy them. Such companies have even developed apps that one can use for this purpose. When one searches for the car history, they can get information such as the road tax details, MOT failures, and reasons for the same, as well as vehicle make, and model. The Car Check can also bring information such as MOT due date, road tax costs, Tax expiry date, carbon dioxide emissions, recorded mileage, and such other details that are good for your information purposes.

Photo by Christian Sutter from FreeImages
All the above details are good for your car safety. You see, unless you have the full history of a vehicle, you could be putting yourself into unnecessary problems. In this article, we shall discuss some of the advantages of investing in a car safety check.

Here are reasons to invest in car safety check:

Previous Vehicle Crash

Sometimes it is not easy to tell if a vehicle has had a previous crash by just looking at it. As such, car safety checks can give you this information. Car analytics can offer you this information and even inform you if the safety airbags were deployed during the crash. Sometimes even the seller of the vehicle may never know this information if they bought the car from another vendor. When you have information about car crashes and other mishaps and where they happened, it is easy for you to have the seller decrease the cost of the car. This is also good for your safety when you finally acquire the vehicle.

As-Is Agreements

When you buy a used vehicle, you agree with the seller on an as-is-agreement arrangement and this means that in case of a service warranty or other issues with the vehicle, you will not get any refund from the seller. Therefore, a car safety check is a good way to know the history of the vehicle and make the purchase on a point of knowledge. If the vehicle has issues that make you reluctant to buy it, then you can as well avoid it. You will not have to suffer the consequences of buying a vehicle without prior knowledge about it.

Odometer Rollback

It is possible to learn from vehicle history reports if the odometer has been rolled back to reflect the seller’s desired mileage. The odometer can easily be rolled back using today’s computer technology. However, with a history report, it is possible to tell the true mileage of a vehicle using gas mileage reports. Odometer rollback is a fraudulent activity that commonly happens and therefore one has to be very careful when buying a used vehicle. A vehicle inspection based on the car model and registration can give you all the information you require before you decide to buy the used vehicle.

Wednesday 1 July 2020

Austrian Grand Prix Betting Preview: F1 is Back in July

By Takayuki Suzuki -
78475089@N02/49028922522/, CC BY-SA 2.0,
As most F1 fans are well aware, the 2020 season will finally get underway with the Austrian Grand Prix taking place from July 3 to 5. The action will take place at the Red Bull Ring, Spielberg, and both fans and teams will be raring to get started after months of waiting around.

There will, of course, be two grand prix races at Spielberg this season, with another race – the Styrian Grand Prix – scheduled to take place a week later. You can get more details on the plans for the new F1 season, but, for this betting preview, we are going to concentrate on the first race of the season. Let’s dive in:

Race Winner
It won’t surprise you to learn that Lewis Hamilton is the race favourite, with a price of 9/5 (all odds here sourced from MansionBet UK) to get off to a winning start in Spielberg. That’s quite a big price when you consider Hamilton is odds-on to win the drivers’ championship. However, it’s probably reflective of the fact that Hamilton tends to start the season slowly by his standards. In fact, you will have to go back to 2015 to find a time when Hamilton won a season opener. Will that apply in Spielberg?

Bookmakers really believe that Max Verstappen can get close to Hamilton this season, and at 2/1 he is almost neck and neck with the Brit in this race. The Red Bull Ring is seen as home turf for Verstappen and his Red Bull team, and he did win the race back in 2018 and 2019. Elsewhere, Charles Leclerc is priced at 4/1, Sebastian Vettel at 11/2 and Valtteri Bottas at 6/1.

Podium Position 
You can get the likes of Hamilton and Verstappen at short prices to finish in the podium positions in this race, but an interesting candidate for punters is Red Bull’s Alexander Albon. Verstappen’s team-mate has never finished in the top three before during his short career, but he has the goods to start delivering on his promise. He is cited at 3/1 for a podium finish, and it looks like an interesting bet to make, especially if you consider Red Bull’s insider knowledge of the circuit. He is a much larger 28/1 if you fancy the upset of an outright win.

Fastest Qualifier 
Similar to the race winner odds, the markets for pole position have Hamilton at 7/4 and Verstappen at 9/5. Intriguingly, Bottas is the next in line at 7/2. That tells you that bookmakers have faith in the Mercedes car to deliver fast laps, but that they still believe the jury is out on the Finn having the nous to consistently deliver race wins like his team-mate.

Winning Team 
Mercedes is the firm favourite for delivering a win on the day, with bookies factoring in the chances of either Hamilton or Bottas taking the chequered flag at the end of the race. It’s hard to look beyond the price offered of 11/10 for Mercedes. However, if you do believe Albon has a chance this season, then the 9/5 offered for Red Bull is only marginally smaller than the price for a Verstappen win. That might be the value bet.
Artes Max from Spain / CC BY-SA
Overall Thoughts 
Whether we like it or not, this is not going to business as usual for F1. Starting the season in the middle of summer is not ideal for any team so you can expect some surprises. As such, it might be the opportune moment to take a risk on your betting strategy, perhaps by overlooking the usual candidates. Whatever happens, it will be fantastic to see those cars line up on the grid once more.

All odds were correct at the time of writing.

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Ayrton Senna's Lotus years, by Ibrar Malik

As we mark the upcoming 26th anniversary of Ayrton Senna's passing, most will undoubtedly dwell upon the more celebrated cornerstones of his extraordinary career. His obliteration of the opposition during qualifying at Monaco '88, or the race at Donington Park '93. His compelling personality which shone through during interviews. Or what might have been with Williams had he not tragically met his untimely death at the '94 San Marino Grand Prix. This blog aims to be slightly different, by briefly looking at Senna's formative years at Lotus.

Coming into 1985, the Norfolk-based team had not won a race since the sudden death of its charismatic founder, Colin Chapman, in December 1982. Lotus had endured a turbulent '83 season. But it bounced back superbly to become a regular frontrunner again during '84, enjoying its most successful season since 1978. The newly-released book, Team Lotus: Beyond the Colin Chapman Era, details precisely how the team achieved this. But by the end of '84, it seemed a key ingredient to elevate Lotus back to the winner's circle was missing. Enter, Ayrton Senna – Lotus's new signing for 1985. 

Senna was widely touted as a future world champion following his stellar performances within the unfancied Toleman during 1984

Monday 20 April 2020

The Top 5 Favorites To Win The 2020 F1 World Championship

The 2020 F1 World Championship season is just around the corner. With the world’s top sports leagues slowly returning to action, Formula 1 recently confirmed that they will be opening their 2020 season next month, beginning with a double-header in Austria’s Red Bull Ring on July 5th.

Oddsmakers have put defending and six-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton as the odds on favorite to win the 2020 F1 World Championships. Aside from Hamilton, 19 other drivers are eyeing to become the next Formula One world champion.

According to this list of highly-rated F1 betting sites, the following five drivers are the favorites to win the 2020 Formula 1 Drivers Championship.

Lewis Hamilton

Leading the list of the top five favorites is Briton Hamilton. The 35-year-old has dominated the F1 scene during the current decade, winning five out of the last six F1 World Championships, including the last three. Hamilton has won 22 out of the last 40 Grand Prix races over the last two years and showed no signs of slowing down last season.

Hamilton set the record for most points earned in a season with 413 last year. He is just seven wins behind the legendary Schumacher's record of 91 career wins and one shy of the German's record seven F1 World Championships. With 11 race wins each in 2018 and 2019 plus world title in both seasons, Hamilton has both Schumacher records in sight in 2020.

During the preseason testing last February, Mercedes looked good as ever and ran many laps without major issues. With an innovative steering system, Mercedes’ cars are primed for success in 2020. With one of the greatest (if not the greatest ever) on the steering wheel, there is no question why Hamilton is the betting favorite to win a fourth consecutive F1 World Championship.

Max Verstappen

In 2015, Max Verstappen was the youngest driver to ever compete in an F1 race. Five years later, the now-22-year-old son of former F1 driver Jos Verstappen continues to improve and is coming off a 2019 season where he won a career-high three races.

The Belgian Red Bull driver finished third in the 2020 F1 World Championship, his best finish ever. Aside from three Grand Prix wins, Verstappen also had two poles, three fastest laps, and nine podium finishes in 2019. Except for two races that he didn’t finish, Verstappen placed in the Top 10 in all other races last season.

Red Bull also looked good during preseason training and they trailed only Mercedes in lap runs during the first practice session. If Red Bull’s cars can be reliable and fast, Verstappen might be able to pick up more wins in 2020 and challenge Hamilton for the F1 World Championship.

Charles Leclerc

Ferrari’s highly touted rookie had an impressive debut season in 2019 where he became the youngest driver to win the Pole Trophy (with seven poles in 2019) and the first non-Mercedes driver to do so since 2014. The 22-year-old Monegasque also finished fourth in the 2019 F1 World Championship while winning two Grand Prix races last year.

Leclerc's win at the 2019 Italian Grand Prix was the first time in a decade that Ferrari won its home turf race and Leclerc's victory came one week after his first-ever F1 race win in Belgium. Although he only had three podium finishes in the six races after his win in Italy, Leclerc is seen as the future of Ferrari and F1 racing.

With Ferrari ace Sebastian Vettel set to leave the team at the end of the year, Leclerc should be the lead driver for Ferrari in 2020. And he will need to take charge from the front despite the presence of his more bemedaled teammate. Ferrari has not won since Kimi Raikkonen triumphed in 2007, and the pressure is on Leclerc to deliver what his predecessors could not.

Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas is Lewis Hamilton’s running mate at Mercedes. The 30-year-old Finnish driver is coming off his best season ever in Formula 1 after finishing second behind Hamilton in the 2019 F1 World Championship.

Bottas had a career-high four wins last season and he also had five poles, three fastest laps, and 15 podium finishes in 2019. He finished with a personal-best 326 points and was the only driver within striking distance of Hamilton throughout the year.

Bottas and Hamilton were a dominant pair last season as Mercedes won the first eight races of the 2019 F1 World Championship and 10 out of the first 12. The duo finished 1-2 in the first five races of the season and six out of the first eight overall as Mercedes ran away with the 2019 Constructors title. With Mercedes assuring the Finn that they aren’t going after Vettel at the end of the season, Bottas should be primed for a big year in 2020.

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel was supposed to be Lewis Hamilton’s chief rival last year, but the German driver faltered and had his worst full season ever. Vettel only won a single race in 2019, which is his lowest output since going winless in 2014. With Charles Leclerc emerging for Scuderia, Vettel is at a crossroads after announcing that he will leave the team at the end of the year.

The 32-year-old is a four-time world champion, having won the F1 World Championship in three consecutive seasons from 2010-2013 while driving for Red Bull. He had been Ferrari’s ace since coming over in 2015 but has not delivered the title that Ferrari has been longing for.

Vettel was outperformed by Leclerc last season, and his status as the team’s ace has been put in doubt. The German was in talks for a contract extension earlier this year, but the negotiations broke down and Vettel will be leaving Scuderia after the 2020 F1 World Championship season.