Wednesday 17 November 2021

GPS Tracker For Electric Cars; All You Need To know

The utilization of electric cars has been escalating over time since 2000 and its acclaim in the present era is extensive when set against vehicles run on fuels namely e10 petrol and diesel. The perks of having an electronic car in hand is bountiful and considering the attributes like zero emissions, lower operating budget, people are more into this ecologically sound technology. They gain momentum as they fit best as a daily go-to and short trip. 14.7% of registered usage of Electric, hybrid and plug-in cars have been reported by the UK market in 2021 making it known to be the colossal hub of electric cars around the world.

Despite all the worth, the trials of having one make people brush it aside and settle for the conservative mode of transit. The scanty driving range makes it unwilling for long rides especially considering the inadequate number of charging stations. Security uncertainty is also a concern when opting for EVs which are usually keyless. They can easily fall prey to theft for the sake of having high priced parts and swap value. Their quiet engines make them vulnerable to unsuspecting robbery. The more demand for electric cars, the higher the risk of theft. Consequently, several companies have come to the rescue with trackers, many of them working on GPS satellites.

How Do GPS Trackers Work In Electric Cars?

GPS trackers can help people to get rid of all the concerns regarding the security of their vehicles. They can be used on many automobiles including electronic and hybrid cars, fuel-run vehicles and many other automotive.

They work on satellites and can monitor the vehicle wherever they go. The tracking system works on predetermined rules by the owner. Monitoring operates through the satellite medium, and the information can be viewed via the mobile app connected to the device. The notification is sent into the device it is connected to when it goes beyond the present boundary.

Safeguard Your EV From The Evil Eyes Of The Carjackers

When talking about security, EVs are at a significant threat because of their high demand and luxurious parts. Keyless car theft is rising and people tend to seek avant-garde technologies and programs to shelter their EVs from the same. Although the muted and quiet nature of EVs is comforting, the same contribute to the risk of lifting without the knowledge of the owner.

Having a GPS vehicle tracker attached to your car would let you have the lordship of your car to the hilt. EV owners can lay out their fit peripheries and get pop up messages when moved out of it. The Geofence alerts can get you the moment and recoup your car in the wink of an eye. Above that, Ultra-modern tracking technologies allow your tracking system to be connected to the cops' team that work with tracker recovery systems and hence have the advantage of faster recovery.

Best Features Of A GPS Tracker For An EV

The first and best feature of a GPS tracker of an EV is location tracking. It will assist you in locating your vehicle in any situation. If you can't find your car in a crowded parking lot or if it's been stolen, real-time position monitoring supplied by the GPS device will be a lifesaver.

Customizable notifications and alarms are the features in a GPS tracking device of an EV. Receiving real-time signals about driving behaviour lowers risk and increases efficiency. Alarm features such as radius alarm, speed alarm, geo-fencing alarm, and ignition alarm will alert you in case of an emergency and allow you to take prompt action based on the scenario.

A mobile app is another best feature that comes with the GPS tracker of an EV. With the help of the app of the GPS monitoring gadget, you'll be able to look up information about your EV in a matter of seconds. A fully functional mobile app puts all the information you can get at your desk in the palm of your hand!

Geofence is the next feature that you can expect in your GPS tracker for your EV. A geofence is a virtual boundary created around a certain location or route using GPS technology which communicates with the vehicle's tracker when a vehicle enters or exits a specific area. You can set up geofences around all your vehicles and use the vehicle tracking system to notify you anytime one of those vehicles enters or exits that specific geofenced area.

Although Electronic vehicles have certain built-in security mechanisms, they are insufficient for total vehicle protection. GPS trackers not only provide security but also allow you to always keep track of your vehicle’s location. it is the best way to protect your EV and the memories that come with it.