Saturday, 17 October 2020

5 Steps to Buying a Used Car for Beginners

Buying a car can be a nightmare, especially if you are a beginner. It takes time and requires too much diligence. If credibility is of importance to you, you cannot wake up one day and get a car from anywhere. Acknowledge that it is a process. Do you want to buy a used car for the first time? Follow the steps below:

1)    Create A Target List

Buying a vehicle, whether used or new, needs diligence while creating a budget. Since there are many choices out there, you need to state your cost expectations and stick to it. Since you are a beginner, you may have no idea how to estimate your budget. Reach out for a reliable app that shows you features of various used cars. From there, you may have a clue on the characteristics you wish to have and do a complete MOT history check for the car. It is from here that you can research the prices in the market. If you create a budget blindly, you may end up buying a substandard car or one that you do not like.

2)    Identify The Used Cars

In the previous stage, you probably spotted a list of cars that favoured your interest and price. In this step, you make a conclusive decision on the specific vehicle you want to buy. Among the list, analyse the features versus the value. Pick one that most favours all your requirements.

3)    Contact The Seller

After you have spotted the car of your interest, contact the car dealer or the owner. Let them know of your interest. However, be careful. If you are dealing with a car dealer, certify they are legit. Check their history and review. If you cannot trace any past information about them, look for other dealers. Additionally, do not accept to pay any amount of money before you see the car.

4)    Evaluate The Quality

Now that you have identified the car and contacted the owner, it is time to check out the small details. From the list of the qualities that you want, check each of them, and certify that the car satisfies them. While at it, do not forget to do the following:

  • Certify it is a certified used car
  • Consider taking the car out for a test drive
  • Get a mechanic to evaluate the car
  • Obtain the title history

5)    Negotiate And Finalise The Purchase

Look at this scenario. Car model A costs $100,000 but has more features than B, which costs $90,000. Your budget is $90,000. You can negotiate with the seller and buy model 'A' at the price of 'B.' Therefore, negotiation is an important step. It may land you a better model. After negotiating, complete the purchase, a process where most buyers go wrong. Aside from paying the money, ensure you do the following:

  • If there is a limited warranty, get it in writing.
  • Read, and understand, the contract terms and other documents, then sign it
  • Transfer the car's ownership and register it


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