Tuesday 27 September 2016

Inside Line F1 Podcast - Tim Cook To Replace Ron Dennis At McLaren?

Yes, another one of those titles where we urge you to judge our podcast by the title, or not. Disclaimer: we're only having fun and we hope you do so too. In the Apple-McLaren story, we wonder if Tim Cook could be the man to turn McLaren around. And how is it that despite attracting iconic brands such as Honda, Fernando Alonso and now Apple (possibly), McLaren isn't able to repeat its iconic performances.

However, if Apple do get involved, let's hope that their creative team comes up with something better than iMcLaren - eek! Also, is Apple's main interest Fernando Alonso's radio messages being available for download via iTunes? And just by the way, we're already on iTunes, so here's where you can subscribe: http://bit.ly/insidelinef1podcast

Fernando Alonso - is he penning an autobiography? We love the Alonso 2.0 at McLaren and let's hope he publishes his funny radio messages, if nothing. And, our love for him shot through the roof after he declared that he wouldn't be interested in Pokemon GO!

As for Honda, they've expanded operations to supply to a second team in Formula 1 in the near future. Is this the real reason behind their expansion? Well, our investigative reports indicate otherwise. Oh and they also say that they're ahead of Toro Rosso. While this claim may defy some logic, we try to prove their point.

A decade since Lewis Hamilton's first ever Formula 1 test. We talk about his legendary career and hope that we don't lose his talent to Hollywood or Music! A Hamilton vs. Vettel vs. Alonso vs. Raikkonen vs. Verstappen battle would be stuff that dreams are made of. Would Liberty Media have the liberty to engineer such duels in the near future?

We also bring focus to Anthony Hamilton's views on Motorsport and how expensive Motorsport already is, how a draft selection policy would be good for Formula 1 but could be too cool for Formula 1 to implement. But, if drivers had performance targets, Kimi Raikkonen would've been shown the door this year. Yes, we talk serious stuff too, here's proof!

Formula 1 plans to exploit their gaming and gambling potential. We tell you who their Chief Gaming Officer could be, but no points for guessing the one man most worthy of the Chief Gambling Officer for the sport.

Have you seen Daniel Ricciardo smile all by himself in pre-podium ceremony? We tell you the secret of his laughs. Shockingly and boldly enough, Ricciardo has rallied his support behind Nico Rosberg for the Drivers' Championship title. We've a short piece of advice for the Honey Badger - beware of the trolls this week!

Is Abu Dhabi Grand Prix the Pastor Maldonado of Grand Prix circuits? With Malaysia coming up this weekend, will Rosberg's 'FOMO' drive him to yet another 'first ever' win? But before you pick your winner, remember: Hamilton has always finished ahead of Rosberg at Sepang, will it be any different this Sunday?

(Season 2016, Episode 31)

Monday 26 September 2016

Sepang Preview: After the watershed

Sepang was the future once. When the then-gleaming new venue from the pen of architect of choice Hermann Tilke arrived on the calendar in 1999 the great leap forward, leaving all existing hosts breathless, was conspicuous. Bernie Ecclestone quickly hailed the facility for the inaugural (in the F1 World Championship at least) Malaysian Grand Prix as "the best in the world".

The distinctive Sepang venue represented a great leap forward
By Eriang87 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creative
commons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
And any F1 venue history will need to have this one as its fork in the road. Much of what is here became the template for the new Tilke-dromes that have popped up almost inexorably since. Not merely that it was Tilke's creation. Not merely either that it was built from scratch on a greenfield site it that familiar way. Nor that the architecture was giant, innovative and distinctive - here indeed the grandstand roofs are shaped like Hibiscus, Malaysia's national flower, something that even now still attracts many a camera lens.

There also is a clear fingerprint with the circuit layout - a long straight book-ended by tight corners intended to provide overtaking opportunities (this track has at least two of them indeed), as well as a fair variety of types of turn including a high speed esses section.

Even the motivation was the same as what was to become grimly familiar - the Malaysian Prime Minister of the time wanting to promote the country as an industrial and business destination and deciding to bankroll the round to this end.

Saturday 24 September 2016

New Grand Prix Times article: History repeating - the divergent tales of Felipe Massa and Nico Rosberg

Photo: Octane Photography
Last weekend's Singapore Grand Prix felt like an important one. The title battle had been close already, but you'd hardly know that we had one. That was until Nico Rosberg's triumphant time of it, which unlike his previous wins caused a rather frantic recalculation of his potency.

And it had a strong echo from the recent past, eight years ago prior to it with Felipe Massa's rise to oh-so nearly win the title then. The parallels were uncanny indeed.

In my latest article for Grand Prix Times You can have a read here: http://www.grandprixtimes.com/news/id/12919

Tuesday 20 September 2016

Inside Line F1 Podcast - Pokemon GO Monsters At Formula 1 Races?

With Jenson Button's help we've cracked the perfect idea to bring younger audiences to F1 races – install Pokemon Go monsters at every Grand Prix! Maybe they're already working on this and decided to live test in Singapore on the perfect target audience, Max Verstappen. Yes, we are referring to the 'Godzilla' on track. Although, this novel idea of ours may lead to more jaywalkers on track - like the marshal in Singapore (but seriously, shouldn't the FIA be penalised for this incident?)! After encountering the Hulk at the start of the race on Sunday, young Verstappen did have the perfect teenager of a weekend.

Nico Rosberg won in Singapore, but the race went down to the wire. In an attempt to bring Lewis Hamilton back on the podium, did Mercedes jeopardise Rosberg's win? What if the situations were reversed? There'd be carnage!

It was also Rosberg's 200th Formula One start – and another driver's 300th, tune in to find out who. As the Drivers' Championship battle continues, we're not taking sides yet - 6 races or nearly 1/3rd of the season yet remaining. But Ferrari, what were they thinking? Or were they thinking at all? After being butted off the podium, maybe Kimi Raikkonen tipped the Singapore cops about Maurizio Arrivabene's cigarette butt, we think.

Ferrari praised Raikkonen's race as a 'World Champion' effort, but they didn't act like a World Champion team. We'd not blame them though; it's been nearly a decade since their last crown. While we missed Raikkonen's uncomfortable waving on the podium and the mumbling, the Iceman did get some overtaking practice in Singapore along with some opportunity for to play his radio classics.

We thank Red Bull Racing for allowing us to enjoy the Max Verstappen vs. Daniil Kvyat battle on-track without issuing team orders. Although, we were almost certain to hear back a 'NO' had they instructed Kvyat to move over. In some ways, did this 'personal' battle help Kvyat get some closure on the unceremonious demotion? Let's hope so. And of course, thank you to Red Bull Racing for livening up the last 14 laps of the race with a well though of tyre strategy for Daniel Ricciardo, who is increasingly becoming our choice for the 'Driver of the Season' and should've won 'Driver of the Day' in Singapore.

We are impressed by Niki Lauda's humour, top marks for his comeback to Max Verstappen on their ongoing "psychiatrist" banter. A new but expected power struggle seems to be brewing in Formula 1 between Bernie Ecclestone and Chase Carey, which way will things go? Carey's biggest short-term task will be to retain Fernando Alonso after 2017. In the meanwhile, we're happy to enjoy some hilarious jokes at Mr. Chase Carey's expense. Are we the first ones to do so?

NASCAR has named a race 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', will Formula 1 ever get so cool? And if it ever thinks of doing so, let's call the Singapore Grand Prix night race the 'The Dark Night'! Finally, we congratulate Alex Zanardi, a true champion and remember one of our greatest - Keep Fighting Michael! Tune in!

(Season 2016, Episode 30)

Monday 19 September 2016

Singapore Grand Prix review for Motor Verso - Singapore Swing

It wasn't supposed to happen. And yes, it felt a lot like a watershed. Or at least a mass re-calibration of assumptions.

Photo: Octane Photography
Heading into the Singapore Grand Prix you'd hardly know that there were but two points separating the two drivers atop the championship table. As after all, they said, the one behind had only got that close by default. The one ahead was quicker all things being equal. Particularly so at this Marina Bay circuit, possibly the toughest challenge of the year. Order would soon be restored.

But just as was the case eight years ago at this venue, the much-maligned chaser put in a performance to make even his greatest detractors stop and think. And presumably reconsider.

I give my take on all of this in the Singapore weekend in my latest Motor Verso race review, which you can read here: http://www.motorverso.com/singapore-gp-2016-review-singapore-swing/

Do check out the Motor Verso site too; you'll find motoring news, car reviews and features - the team on the site carry out week-long test drives of the latest cars - as well as photos and videos of the machines.

Sunday 18 September 2016

Singapore GP Report - Recalculating Rosberg

There are several bees in this author's bonnet. A few of them have been there a while too. One such member of the insect community buzzing around in there is about the importance of appreciating context. Of not relying solely on the top-level outcome in drawing your conclusions.

Nico Rosberg put in another flawless
win - this time under pressure
Photo: Octane Photography
And today's Singapore Grand Prix provided just the latest evidence to back the wisdom up. One who wasn't watching might look at its finishing order and sigh. The top three was exactly the same as the qualifying order. The top four the same as at the first turn. Nico Rosberg had kept his lead too, thus surmounting the most obvious barrier separating him from an imperious march to victory. Singapore for all of its charms doesn't provide much in the way of opportunities to race. Processional fare is common. For more reasons than one it reminds some of Monaco.

But this time, not a bit of it. Well not at the end at least. Up until lap 45 of 61 it was indeed a lot like those reaching their conclusions early might have assumed. The top four circulating mainly at a respectful distance apart, all had done their stops apparently and were rather cruising home in their current order. Rosberg after his breakthrough of qualifying, akin to Felipe Massa's at this track eight years previously, unlike Felipe was going to make good on it in the race too. There was no professional foul to scupper him, indeed even as Singapore races go generally this was rather a sedate one. The only safety car appearance was early and brief.

Nico did win, but boy did we have a twist, And boy it got close.

Saturday 17 September 2016

Singapore Qualifying - Rosberg's ratification

At what point do we consider Nico Rosberg a contender for this championship? Even as he won races, snuck up on his team mate Lewis Hamilton to be just two points behind in the 2016 drivers' table heading into this one, the only thing noticeable about this dog was that it resolutely refused to bark. Still almost no one was talking about the title's destination. That one by consensus remained set. Many, this author included, maintained that one way or another, in the end, Lewis will prevail. In fairness that's always what had happened before.

Nico Rosberg's performance in qualifying was stunning
Photo: Octane Photography
But today's Singapore Grand Prix qualifying session likely will have caused some frantic re-calibrations. At this one, possibly the greatest challenge of the year, probably Monaco aside the most vital pole to win given the difficulties in overtaking, Nico not only took the pole position but wiped the floor with all rivals in doing so. A few of the suggestions around that Nico doesn't belong in this fight - is there by some strange default - surely will have been dashed. It certainly felt something like an affirmation.

Singapore has previous for such things. Go back to 2008 and replace Nico's name with Felipe Massa and the parallels are almost to the point of being spooky. Just like the German Massa headed to Singapore in the drivers' championship mix on points, but with many observers struggling to take the fact seriously. Assuming that the self-same Lewis Hamilton would have the year's big prize gravitate to him eventually. Then around the Marina Bay circuit Massa seized pole position and by a country mile - upwards of six tenths of a second. Suddenly even the most resolute Massa critics went 'woah...'.

Thursday 15 September 2016

Bernie Ecclestone and the Great Tobacco Debacle - a guest article by Gemma Gale

What did former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair fear would finish his career? Taking the UK into the Iraq War? The claims he made in the case for said war? Or a bit of a scuffle over tobacco sponsorship in F1? If you are familiar with the name 'Bernie Ecclestone', you'll already have ticked number three - and you'd be right. Here's how the strange tale of the mogul, the Prime Minister, and the tobacco unfolded…

Bernie Ecclestone

Photo: Octane Photography
Bernie Ecclestone is (and has for some time been) a British businessman who holds the position of chief of F1. Crucially, he effectively controls all commercial rights to the sport, putting him in an immensely powerful position when it comes to sponsorship and so forth. Back in 1997, before the General Election that would put Blair's Labour Party in power by a landslide, Ecclestone secretly donated £1million to the Labour party. At the time, Ecclestone was heavily involved with tobacco companies, agreeing with them lucrative sponsorship deals, out of which both he and the sport were making a considerable amount of money.

Wednesday 14 September 2016

The latest Lights to Flag Podcast - 2016 Singapore Grand Prix Preview

The latest episode of the Lights to Flag podcast is here, and Ewan and I were delighted to be joined by Krit from Literal F1 to preview this weekend's Singapore Grand Prix.

We look in depth in at a round that on and off the track is modern F1's standout, and is Mercedes really on the back foot for once? And with Liberty Media's purchase of a stake in F1's commercial rights confirmed we discuss what it could mean for the sport. You can listen by clicking play below.

As ever you can interact with the podcast via its Twitter account and on its Facebook page. If you want to appear on it give us a shout too. And if you have comments then get them to us via the various channels and we'll read out the good ones on a future episode!

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Inside Line F1 Podcast - VES vs. RIC In Singapore, Possible?

Mercedes to be challenged in Singapore, really? Or is this yet another Ferrari-inspired pre-race PR hype? Singapore has been tagged as Red Bull Racing's track, and boy are we excited! Will we get to see some Verstappen vs. Ricciardo action (and will Red Bull Racing let it be a fair fight!)?

To keep his championship hopes alive, Nico Rosberg must fight against all odds in Singapore. Forget winning, he's not been on the podium here since eight years! At the same time, he had his 'first-ever' wins in Spa and Monza in the last fortnight, can he keep up that trend? We hope his 'FOMO' drives him to the top step on Sunday.

Lewis Hamilton is good for Formula 1 and for our podcast. The last episode should have been called 'Lewis Hamilton's Team-Mate Wins In Italy' to get more people to tune in! In a lot of ways, Rosberg is fighting not only Hamilton, but an entire mentality in the paddock (and the million fans) who believe that Hamilton is meant to be World Champion.

Max Verstappen and Niki Lauda had a public face-off, will they visit a psychiatrist together to bond? Glad we're reminded that Verstappen is still a teenager by his typical teenage back answering. Given the lacking bromance between Lauda and Verstappen, we are glad that Verstappen didn't sign with Mercedes. But for how long can they remain apart?

We welcome the new owners of Formula 1 to Formula 1 and to the Inside Line F1 Podcast, of course. The new owners say they will evolve the business model of F1 to generate more revenue. We think they should also fix the regulations that don't allow us too much competition these days. They've picked up the profitable business of Formula 1, but will they be able to make the eco-system of Formula 1 stable and profitable too?

Also, will the American owners be at their toughest best when negotiating with the Russian Grand Prix organisers? Official Live Streaming (rather than just Official Live Timing) is the next big introduction that Formula 1 should make. Just btw, MotoGP has had theirs since almost a decade!

Speaking of the spirit of competition, did Mercedes actually help Ferrari improve? And if so, Ferrari were foolish to not seek help from Red Bull Racing too. Luckily they weren't so foolish so as to seek help from McLaren!

It certainly looks like a season of retirements - Massa, possibly Button and now Ecclestone too? Or will Ecclestone's be a sabbatical genuinely? One thing's for sure, we aren't retiring any time soon.

Tune In!

(Season 2016, Episode 29)

Monday 12 September 2016

Singapore Preview: F1's standout

We all know the one about the F1 calendar's gradual shift eastwards in the last decade or so. It hasn't always been loved either. Often with good reason.

The Singapore race has become iconic
Photo: Octane Photography
But there's one such new-fangled race that can be considered not at all a failure. Instead it is a favourite and was thought part of the furniture in double-quick time. And the race is this weekend; the Singapore Grand Prix around the Marina Bay circuit.

There are several reasons why this is, but an overarching one is that it just seems very F1. Or rather very what F1 would like to be. It is a glittering, vibrant event in which the visuals rarely fail to look stunning. For several reasons, this one feels a lot like the Monaco for the new millennium.

Just like Monaco, Singapore is a city state that is a quintessential F1 host, to the point that you wonder at quiet moments quite why a Grand Prix wasn't established here decades ago (although a 'Singapore Grand Prix' under Formula Libre regulations existed between 1961 and 1973). It is glamorous, dripping with money and gives the impression of tearing towards the future.

Sunday 11 September 2016

New Grand Prix Times article: Time for Formula 1 to think beyond Bernie

Photo: Octane Photography
So Bernie Ecclestone's hangs on after all. In Monza it was said by a close source that Bernie, as a result of Liberty Media's purchase of F1's commercial rights, might not even last until the next race. In the event though Bernie stays, at least for now.

But for all that some in and around F1 find a sport without Bernie impossible to comprehend, in my latest article for Grand Prix Times I outline that Bernie's case for being kept on is meagre. And that F1 in the long term will be better off without him.

You can have a read here: http://www.grandprixtimes.com/news/id/12851

Wednesday 7 September 2016

The latest Lights to Flag Podcast - 2016 Italian Grand Prix Review

The latest episode of the Lights to Flag podcast has landed, and in this one Ewan and I look at the Italian Grand Prix just passed.

It was race that didn't thrill, but still the weekend gave us plenty to talk about, and Ewan and I explore various of them: among other things Lewis vs. Nico, whither Ferrari, as well as the many signs of F1's changing of the guard. You can listen by clicking play below.

As ever you can interact with the podcast via its Twitter account and on its Facebook page. If you want to appear on it give us a shout too.

And on next week's episode we'll be previewing Singapore, so if you have comments then get them to me via the various channels and we'll read out the good ones!

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Inside Line F1 Podcast - Nico Rosberg Suffering From Major FOMO?

Nico Rosberg has done it again - surprised the hell out of us, that is. He won his first ever race at Monza, right on the heels of his first ever win at Spa. He also won his first Driver of the Day award! Is his FOMO, or 'Fear of Missing Out' driving him? The BIGGER question is, will it culminate into his first ever World Championship victory too?

The Inside Line F1 Podcast turns football analyst as we analyse the friendly match between 'F1 Stars vs. All Stars', held on the pit-straight in Monza. Fernando Alonso was the best player (because football does not need an engine), Jolyon Palmer scored an own goal (no surprises) and Max Verstappen was the best defender (did anyone get hurt?!) We wonder whether Daniil Kvyat was demoted to the bench!

Are Lewis Hamilton's starts from pole position jinxed? We talk about manual starts, the one thing making the 2016 season exciting (apart from Max Verstappen). Manual starts are awesome because you have some drivers gaining positions, others losing positions - and some just blaming the clutch!

The podium celebrations at Monza were more fun than the race itself. We loved Rosberg's podium performance (did it give Lewis 'Rockstar' Hamilton a complex?). If Rosberg ever applies to Ferrari, we are sure his Italian speaking skills will be helpful! We also tell you why Rosberg chose to sing that particular song apart from the fact that it is super catchy!

Why was Max Verstappen unusually subdued at Monza? Perhaps we should have a 'chat' with young Max, because everyone seems to want to have a chat with him! Was Daniel Ricciardo's overtaking move on Bottas THE move of the season?

Constructor battles are heating up as Ferrari closed the gap to Red Bull Racing and Williams continued to fight Force India. We give you our predictions on what lies ahead in these battles. How did Bottas's changed helmet help him beat Ricciardo in qualifying?

We have big news from the September 'silly season'. Felipe Massa announced his retirement from Formula 1, who will replace him at Williams? Jenson Button is taking a sabbatical next year, seems McLaren has a hard time letting go of its World Champion drivers. Button is going to spend 2017 doing what all retired drivers do - without calling it a retirement! Next in the line of retirements could be none other than Bernie Ecclestone - buzz has it that F1 is set to change ownership soon. Will that be for the better of the sport?

Tune in!

(Season 2016, Episode 28)

Italian Grand Prix review for Motor Verso - Foreseeably unforseen

To again employ the increasingly-said F1 euphemism, that wasn't the most entertaining race.

Photo: Octane Photography
Still there was intrigue around in the Italian Grand Prix if you dug a little. Not least that the outcome - a Nico Rosberg win - looked a world away for most of the weekend as his team mate Lewis Hamilton dominated. But even in the Englishman's qualifying afterglow the ways in which things could change very quickly could be foreseen, not least because we have witnessed similar already this year. That the Mercedes' starts haven't always been great, and if you lose places off the line in the modern sport it's very difficult to turn it around. For a few reasons.

And it turns out we're quite good mystics, as that's precisely what happened.

I give my take on it all in my latest Motor Verso race review, which you can read here: http://www.motorverso.com/italian-gp-2016-review-foreseeably-unforeseen/

Do check out the Motor Verso site too; you'll find motoring news, car reviews and features - the team on the site carry out week-long test drives of the latest cars - as well as photos and videos of the machines.

Monday 5 September 2016

Italian GP Report - Redressing the balance

To think that we were convinced that someone, somewhere, was smiling on Lewis Hamilton just lately. I guess this one in Monza you can file under redressing the balance. Yin and yang.

Against the form of most of the weekend,
Nico Rosberg triumphed
Photo: Octane Photography
For most of the Italian Grand Prix weekend though it appeared that Lewis wouldn't need any of the luck that he might have been benefiting from in recent times. He looked on utterly dominant form, and rather relishing the fact too. Almost gleefully braking later than late and throwing his car expertly through Monza's chicanes. He certainly looked gleeful out of the car. And it all added up to a half second advantage over his Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg next up in the final qualifying order, a margin between them almost unprecedented. And at a track with but a handful of corners.

And the two Mercedes were as per Sebastian Vettel's lucid words "in a world of their own". As with the gap between the two Mercs, this also was the expected situation but was manifesting itself to a greater extent than usual this time.

Yet even in the afterglow of Lewis's qualifying effort paths that diverged from his imperious march to victory could be, and indeed were, charted. The run to the first turn is a very long one here; the Mercs' starts have been of variable quality in 2016 thanks to an 'inconsistent' clutch.

Sunday 4 September 2016

Monza Qualifying - Lewis's full beam

Lewis Hamilton bounced into the Monza press conference room, only to rather stop on his heels, confronted by a flat screen TV. It was showing onboard footage of his pole position lap for the Italian Grand Prix. Every perfect, and late, braking point. Every chicane negotiated with elan rather like the Mercedes was a yo-yo being expertly controlled on the end of its string.

Lewis Hamilton took pole position
and positively beamed about it
Photo: Octane Photography
Lewis stood aside and turned to the room of assembled hacks pointing at the screen with the broadest of grins and a satisfied nod of his head. The message was clear - did you see what I just did? Good, wasn't it? It was Lewis. It was.

Respective second and third-placed men Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel even with this sideshow trudged in what seemed a while later. It felt appropriate on a few levels.

Yep, if the Mercs this weekend at ultra-fast Monza were in Vettel's words "in a world of their own", similar could be said about Lewis in relation to his team mate. He's simply been on another level to everyone from around the mid-point of Friday, and if anything has seemed to stretch his advantage ever wider since.

Thursday 1 September 2016

The latest Lights to Flag Podcast - 2016 Belgian Grand Prix Review/Italian Grand Prix Preview

The latest episode of the Lights to Flag podcast is here, and in this one we look back at the Belgian Grand Prix as well as look ahead to Monza.

Host Ewan Marshall and I reflect on a Spa weekend and race that gave us plenty to talk about. And yes, Max Verstappen does feature... We also look ahead to the Italian race and just what is so very special about the Monza venue. You can listen by clicking play below.

As before too do let us know what you think, we're very keen to hear feedback. You can also interact with the podcast, such as by suggesting questions or letting us know your comments, via the Twitter account and on its Facebook page. If you want to appear on it give us a shout too.

Italian Grand Prix Coin Collection by Rosland Capital

You may recall a few weeks back me writing about premier precious metals asset firm Rosland Capital releasing and distributing The Formula One Collection, a new limited edition series of F1 themed coin collections.

The limited edition gold coin celebrating the Italian Grand Prix
This collection includes individual one-quarter ounce gold coins to celebrate four of the most prestigious modern-day Grands Prix specifically.

And of course there are few as prestigious as Monza's Italian Grand Prix which takes place this weekend, and the limited edition .25oz gold coin celebrating the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix is now available.

Minted by Swiss-based PAMP and distributed by Rosland Capital, the front of each coin features the official Formula 1 logo, a striking representation of a 2016 F1 car, and the name of the event in Italian - Gran Premio d'Italia™. The obverse features Ian Rank-Broadley's portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the legal tender value of the coin, the year of issue, and the metal fineness.

You can follow Rosland Capital's Twitter page to stay up-to-date on more Formula 1 coin news, with releases for the Brazilian and United States Grands Prix to come.

And if you'd like more information or are interested in purchasing one of these then you can visit this page on Rosland Capital's website.
The Italian Grand Prix coin in its presentation card
The observe side of the presentation card