Thursday 13 December 2012

F1 Bloggers' Driver of the Year 2012

Recently asked a number of F1 bloggers (including my good self) to vote for their top F1 drivers of 2012. Each blogger was asked to submit a top ten ranking of drivers, and points were allocated based on the F1 scoring system. The results are outlined below, and you'll see that one Fernando Alonso emerged as the winner.

Apparently it was dominant too, him gaining around 25% more points than the 2012 World Champion Sebastian Vettel.

The full list is in the infographic below. I admit the comments are too small to be read by the average human eyeball; they can be read more easily here: It even includes a comment from me...

It's not too far off my own top 10 (available to read here), though clearly other bloggers rated Sergio Perez's season higher than I did. It all seems terribly harsh on Paul Di Resta too.

Image source: MoneySupermarket Car Insurance

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