Thursday 30 January 2014

Talking about F1's Graham Keilloh on the GPFocus podcast

You may not be aware that I'm a regular guest on GPFocus's regular F1 podcasts. This is a podcast which features many F1 writers and reviews the latest F1 news throughout the season. There is usually a new episode every week when the campaign is in full swing, encompassing race reviews and previews. I think it's well worth a listen, if I'm allowed to comment on such things!

The latest podcast, and the first of 2014, was released yesterday, and in this episode we look at the big F1 issues of the close season, such as:

  • Driver line-up changes
  • New regulations
  • Ugly noses
  • Double points
  • Bernie Ecclestone's bribery charges
  • Michael Schumacher's accident

You can listen to this latest podcast via the link below:

GPFocus #114: Pre-season Preview

And an archive of GPFocus podcasts that I have appeared on (more than two years' worth!) can be found via the 'Podcasts' tab above.

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