Saturday 6 September 2014

New Vital F1 article: How F1 speeds are changing throughout 2014

Photo: Octane Photography
Back in the balmy days of the Spanish Grand Prix in early May this year things were very different.

The Nico Rosberg vs. Lewis Hamilton seethe hardly was an issue astonishingly, but still the sport had something to fuss over. And in Spain it was that the cars under the new for 2014 regulations seemed too slow.

At the time I thought there were a few reasons not to worry so much; that Spain's headline picture was a bit unusual. And now several months on it was a good time to look at the lap time numbers throughout the season to see if they back me up.

You can have a read of what I found over on Vital F1 via this link:

I'm sure you'll agree that I missed my calling as a scientist...

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