Monday 6 April 2015

Inside Line F1 Podcast: At the Red Bull F1 Showrun in Hyderabad with David Coulthard

The latest Inside Line F1 podcast is here. And this one is a cracker, as Kunal and Rishi have a coup of an interview with David Coulthard, who was at an F1 showcar run in Hyderabad driving the Red Bull.

It's a great interview, which covers what Coulthard gets up to with Red Bull these days, 1998 in Australia and all that, the current formula and the competitive prospects for this season among many other things. It's excellent and fascinating and well worth a listen below. They also report from the showcar run and explore F1's promotion and support in India:

The Inside Line F1 podcast is produced and hosted by Kunal Shah and Rishi Kapoor, and is one of the most listened to podcasts in India and Asia. They are looking to expand elsewhere, and here on Talking about F1 I'm delighted to help share it.

Kunal has been writing on F1 for eight seasons, you can visit Kunal's website at: and you also can follow him on Twitter here.

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