Friday 15 May 2015

Give Everyone Mercedes Engines by Kunal Shah, plus the latest Inside Line F1 podcast

I wondered today, what would happen if every driver on the grid was given a Mercedes engine? Would that solve our current problems, or would it? (Read: What's Wrong With Formula One?)

What if all F1 cars had a Mercedes engine?
Photo: Octane Photography
Well, for starters, I am assuming that Mercedes would be able to manufacture 80 engines for the 2015 Formula 1 Season (4 per driver X 20 drivers; not yet accepting the 5th engine rule!). Given economies of scale, I would hope that the engine costs per team would reduce. From what I have heard, it is a whooping 25 millions euros! The V8s were around 8! And reduction in engine costs is why Formula 1 is now debating a dual engine formula. (Read: Racing First, Engineering Later)

I have two opposing views to the dual engine formula. First, it would add complexity to the sport and policing the engine output would always be difficult. It also takes away some much needed transparency. Second is for those wondering if a dual formula would be unfair to the teams. Here one could argue that the current engine performance is anyway unequal and has always been since many years. (Read: Engine No-ise)

Back to 'Give Everyone Mercedes Engines', Red Bull Racing has demanded a competitive engine unit and they will have one. Which could probably mean that they won't quit the sport no more. It would be good to have Audi in the sport, but they seem reluctant yet, so why pressurise! And would the Toro Rosso still be quicker then? (Read: Thank You Red Bull Racing)

McLaren's reunification with their old partners Mercedes seems like a better bet than their current partnership with Honda. Alonso back to winning ways will certainly give the sport a shot in the arm. But will this also expose McLaren's flaws on the chassis side? (Read: Thank You McLaren)

A Ferrari with a Merc engine?
Photo: Octane Photography
As for Ferrari, they can then invest their reportedly extra sum of $100 million on the chassis side and try closing the gap to Mercedes. And for their fanatic tifosi, a cheap badge can be printed and applied! Ha! (So long as we get a good sport!) (Read: Game On, Ferrari)

Lastly, the current customers of Mercedes are already used to a slightly slower spec of their engines, so not much would change for them anyway. And with this in mind, I would still expect Mercedes to lead the way, but the competition could get closer, I guess. (Read: What Formula One Can Learn From Red Bull)

Yet another cheaper way to fix the current problems faced by Formula 1! To read my first solution, I welcome you to read 'Did Bernie Call Mercedes…?'' And yes, here I go again with my 'Let's Save Formula 1'.

Lastly, here's the link to the latest episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast where Rishi and I talk about the jumping jack(man) from the 2015 Spanish Grand Prix. We also tell you why Ferrari should've mirrored Sebastian Vettel's tyre strategy with Lewis Hamilton's. And on that note, have Ferrari just got lucky in 2015 while McLaren seem to be having a 'point'less season. Tune in!

This article and podcast was originally published on Kunal's F1 Blog and has been reproduced with permission.


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