Saturday 11 July 2015

New Grand Prix Times article: Living an F1 less regulated: If we want fewer penalties we too need to change

We want fewer penalties in F1, right? That's one of the most consistent messages from the various debates about the sport's future path. That the sport is too regulated; the powers-that-be too nanny-ish.

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But the reaction of some to Mercedes's infamous 'dummy' pit stop in Britain suggested something else. That there are a few out there, contrary to what we seem to what at the aggregate level, who don't require much encouragement to start shrieking for penalties. And they seem to have got their way with Charlie Whiting since promising sanctions for those who try similar dummies from now on.

In my latest article for Grand Prix Times I outline the contradiction of this, and that if we want the stewards to butt out then the rest of us - fans, teams and drivers - need to change too.

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