Monday 5 October 2015

New Vital F1 article: How reliability reduces F1’s records

Just lately there has been a lot of focus on Ayrton Senna's total of 41 Grand Prix wins, and current drivers getting with it. Sebastian Vettel nosed ahead of Senna with his Singapore win, while Lewis Hamilton matched his late hero's mark in Japan.

Photo: Octane Photography
And yet there were plenty who reckoned not much could be read into these. That old mantra, that you can't compare the records of different F1 eras, was trotted out.

Those who say this have a point though, and among the many reasons for this a big one is the reliability of F1 cars, which is much stronger now than it was in Senna's day.

For Vital F1 I have analysed this and how Vettel and Hamilton compare with Senna taking this into account, with some F1 stats that I complied myself and you even get to see my PowerPoint skills in action...

You can read it all here:

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