Friday 12 February 2016

New Grand Prix Times article: Something's got to change - but let it be the aero as well as the tyres

Photo: Octane Photography
Modern F1 isn't short of bugbears, but you could make a case that of all of them the deliberately-designed-to-degrade Pirelli tyres and their many manifestations is about the chief bugbear out of all of them. They don't provide enough grip which militates against the drivers' ability to get close to other cars and race; further they don't let drivers push at the limit for long.

It therefore was welcome to most to hear of some movement on this in recent weeks, that a delegation of drivers had approached Pirelli asking that the Italian company supplies rubber more like nature intended. And reportedly Pirelli agreed, at least in theory, to comply from 2017 onwards.

But as I argue in my latest article for Grand Prix Times, while this is a good move if done in isolation it may not do much for us all in. I outline that at the same time we should seize the opportunity to tackle the root problem on F1 racing cars' ability to race: aerodynamics.

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