Wednesday 20 April 2016

New Grand Prix Times article: What does Nico trouncing Lewis tell us? Not much - it's a matter of chance

Three races into this season, and at the top the results could hardly be more stark. Nico Rosberg on a maximum three wins; his team mate Lewis Hamilton floundering with barely half of his points.

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And with this a few have sought to draw significance from it, continuing the sport's default of believing results must tell us something, at some point down the line. About what Nico is doing right or Lewis is doing wrong.

But in my latest article for Grand Prix Times I argue that such a view isn't necessarily helpful, as it reckons without that mysterious thing called random chance. That however much F1 rails against the idea Lady Luck does play a role. And in this case, most of what has gone wrong for Lewis in 2016 so far has in fact been outside of his control.

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