Tuesday 31 May 2016

Inside Line F1 Podcast - Hamilton's Monaco GP Was A Gift

Lewis Hamilton finally won a Grand Prix after a long drought that lasted close to eight months. He was cheered on by his new friend Justin Bieber - musical collaboration, 'just good friends' or a full-blown bromance? Sorry Niki Lauda, Hamilton seems to have moved on quickly.

The one Bieber song that Red Bull Racing must dedicate to Daniel Ricciardo is 'Is It Too Late To Say Sorry' after the "screwed" pitstop which cost the Australian a race win. To top it off, Red Bull Racing came up with the most ridiculous justification for their error. Should Ricciardo move on or stay put and hope for the best? Is the 'Baby Webber' to the 'Baby Vettel'? And we're convinced that Max Verstappen's only possible weakness is the Monaco Grand Prix.

Did Red Bull Racing gift the race to Mercedes to settle their debt from Spain? If Pirelli's ultra softs can last 47 laps, does that mean that the hards would last two race distances? If so, that's longer than what the Honda engine lasts!

What the hell happened to Nico Rosberg, does he deserve to be World Champion after a drive like this? And a BIG cheer for Force India and Sergio Perez for their podium finish! We also tell you why Fernando Alonso should play football before every race, how Sauber are learning from the best, and why McLaren-Honda will finally win races in 2022. Tune in!

(Season 2016, Episode 18)

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