Tuesday 27 September 2016

Inside Line F1 Podcast - Tim Cook To Replace Ron Dennis At McLaren?

Yes, another one of those titles where we urge you to judge our podcast by the title, or not. Disclaimer: we're only having fun and we hope you do so too. In the Apple-McLaren story, we wonder if Tim Cook could be the man to turn McLaren around. And how is it that despite attracting iconic brands such as Honda, Fernando Alonso and now Apple (possibly), McLaren isn't able to repeat its iconic performances.

However, if Apple do get involved, let's hope that their creative team comes up with something better than iMcLaren - eek! Also, is Apple's main interest Fernando Alonso's radio messages being available for download via iTunes? And just by the way, we're already on iTunes, so here's where you can subscribe: http://bit.ly/insidelinef1podcast

Fernando Alonso - is he penning an autobiography? We love the Alonso 2.0 at McLaren and let's hope he publishes his funny radio messages, if nothing. And, our love for him shot through the roof after he declared that he wouldn't be interested in Pokemon GO!

As for Honda, they've expanded operations to supply to a second team in Formula 1 in the near future. Is this the real reason behind their expansion? Well, our investigative reports indicate otherwise. Oh and they also say that they're ahead of Toro Rosso. While this claim may defy some logic, we try to prove their point.

A decade since Lewis Hamilton's first ever Formula 1 test. We talk about his legendary career and hope that we don't lose his talent to Hollywood or Music! A Hamilton vs. Vettel vs. Alonso vs. Raikkonen vs. Verstappen battle would be stuff that dreams are made of. Would Liberty Media have the liberty to engineer such duels in the near future?

We also bring focus to Anthony Hamilton's views on Motorsport and how expensive Motorsport already is, how a draft selection policy would be good for Formula 1 but could be too cool for Formula 1 to implement. But, if drivers had performance targets, Kimi Raikkonen would've been shown the door this year. Yes, we talk serious stuff too, here's proof!

Formula 1 plans to exploit their gaming and gambling potential. We tell you who their Chief Gaming Officer could be, but no points for guessing the one man most worthy of the Chief Gambling Officer for the sport.

Have you seen Daniel Ricciardo smile all by himself in pre-podium ceremony? We tell you the secret of his laughs. Shockingly and boldly enough, Ricciardo has rallied his support behind Nico Rosberg for the Drivers' Championship title. We've a short piece of advice for the Honey Badger - beware of the trolls this week!

Is Abu Dhabi Grand Prix the Pastor Maldonado of Grand Prix circuits? With Malaysia coming up this weekend, will Rosberg's 'FOMO' drive him to yet another 'first ever' win? But before you pick your winner, remember: Hamilton has always finished ahead of Rosberg at Sepang, will it be any different this Sunday?

(Season 2016, Episode 31)

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