Monday 7 November 2016

Mexico Grand Prix review for Motor Verso - Sedation and Strife

Photo: Octane Photography
Curious, is the word. The Mexico Grand Prix was largely a sedate one. Between the opening turns and the last small handful of laps indeed almost nothing went down. And yet. The rest of the time it packed in plenty, not only of action but sadly in that inseparable way of the modern sport in plenty of strife too. And finger pointing. And penalties.

And all to the end of a round that, from the championship standpoint at least, largely left things as you were. Curious, as I said.

I give my take on all of this in my latest Motor Verso race review, which you can read here:

Do check out the Motor Verso site too; you'll find motoring news, car reviews and features - the team on the site carry out week-long test drives of the latest cars - as well as photos and videos of the machines.

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