Monday 29 January 2018

New Motorsport Week article: Time to start...opening your minds (to later race starts)

Photo: Octane Photography
How quickly reputations shift in F1. It seems just like yesterday Liberty Media was the great white hope. These days it seems increasingly like a pariah.

It's flown another kite. This time to shift the starting time of races back by 70 minutes. And the reaction against was immediate and resolute.

In my latest for Motorsport Week I argue that perhaps we should have more of an open mind. I mean, at least let us hear the rationale. Who knows, the idea might have something going for it?

You can read my thinking here:

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  1. The football argument is decisive. No one bats an eye regarding the time schedule of any football match (be it local, national, european or world cup). And nowhere I see people watching football while having a regular lunch - there are no matches starting at 1 pm. I hope in a few years we all learn to dismiss social media reactions in the first days after whatever "happened".