Friday 30 March 2018

New Motorsport Week article: Virtual Reality - why the Australian GP's Virtual Safety Car was fair enough

Photo: Octane Photography
F1 rumpuses can often blindside you. The Australian Grand Prix last weekend seemed straightforward enough. Albeit was tilted by a Virtual Safety Car appearance letting the man in a net third place vault to the win by losing less time in his pitstop as a consequence.

But some thought it not so straightforward. There was grumbling about the Virtual Safety Car's impact. That it was the latest example of F1 being farcical.

In my latest for Motorsport Week I outline however why it was, mostly, fair enough. Or at least no great surprise.

You can have a read of my thinking here:

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  1. Very good. I enjoyed reading it. The cars I am a fan of though are slow.Maybe gain a place. A safety car moves my cars closer to the front and may un-lap them. Looks better in the results. Rossi said he he did not know this and did not try to gain a lap in his fist race. In IndyCar at Phoenix under caution, a car can pit from any position and come out in the same place it was. In a race there was a red flag and Haas changed the tire-wheels and did not pit during the whole race. How many have not pitted in a race?
    Haas is doing everything legal with Ferrari. For my national pride I would like them to build their on car. They say it is better the way it is. I hope they change the engine rules so they could use the Champ Car Cosworth. A USA owned team with a USA owned engine and a USA built car. Like Dan Guerny.And of course a USA born driver. Yes they have a USA driver in F2. USA-1 was lots of fun even though it was foreign owned.