Friday 28 September 2018

New Motorsport Week article: Three-car teams – why three's not the magic number

By Edwin van Nes from IJsselstein, Netherlands (Flickr)
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Not for the first time it has been suggested that F1 should go back to the future.

Mainly by Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, as the prodigious Esteban Ocon looks like he could all of a sudden be out of an F1 drive for 2019. Wolff reckons letting teams run a third car is F1's salvation.

Its appeal is obvious. It would solve Wolff's (and Ocon's) problem at a stroke. But it's one of those moves that more you look into it the more you encounter drawbacks.

In my latest for Motorsport Week I outline why three is not the magic number. You can read my take here:

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