Thursday 28 February 2019

4 things you can do with 4d results

One of the best ways to increase your chances of winning in 4d games is to join a good predictions pool. The best pools such as 4d in Singapore have a good history of positive results. From a look at the 4d results of this pool, there is so much one can infer about it, and 4d prediction pools in general.  For context, on the importance of these results, here are four things you can do with 4d results.

1.    Use them to determine the viability of a pool
It doesn't matter whether you are looking at the results of the 4d in Singapore pool or any other pool, results can help you gauge the viability of a pool. If the results have a high incidence of winning numbers, it means that the pool is good and worth a try. For instance, with the latest 4d in Singapore results, the winning rate is high, which makes it a worthy company.

2.    Use them to decide whether to pay for premium membership
4d prediction pools have different categories of membership, each with its own privileges. By looking at the results, you can easily determine whether paying for membership is worth it. For instance, if you notice that the paid membership package has a high incidence of winning numbers, it would make sense to go for it. The premium fee you have to pay is easily compensated with the higher probability of winning. The reverse holds true, if you notice that you still have a good chance of winning by going for the free service.

3.    Use them to determine the best country to play 
When playing 4d games, you can play in Singapore as well as in Malaysia. By looking at the results of a pool like 4d in Singapore, you can easily tell where the money is. If you notice that 4d in Malaysia is more lucrative, then it would make more sense to go for a pool in this country. On the flipside, if the Singapore odds are higher, then statistically, it would make sense to go for predictions in this country. Alternatively, you can play in both, and increase the odds of winning.

4.    Use them to determine how much to stake 
The amount of money you stake does play a role in how much you are likely to win. 4d results can help you make a decision on how much to stake. If you find that the winnings for the 1st prize are high, it would make sense to sign up for the elite service. On the other hand, if you realise that the winnings rate are not that high, then you can stake an amount that it is commensurate to that risk. In essence, 4d results allow you to make a rational decision on how much to risk, and how much to expect in winnings. If the risks are high, then signing up for a free account would be more logical. The amount you stand to lose would not hurt you much.

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