Wednesday 13 March 2019

New Motorsport Week article: Albon - the case for F1's forgotten rookie

Photo: Octane Photography
You'll have seen by now the various George Russell/Lando Norris F1 season preview articles. Often talking of the two as synonymous. And it's little wonder. Rookies will commonly get attention prior to the season start, particularly if they have plenty of promise based on the junior formulae and even more particularly if they're British.

But there's a third rookie who (sort of) meets these criteria. And yet he's got nothing like the focus, instead appears to have an odd man out status. Yet he just might be best of the lot. I'm talking about Alexander Albon, making his bow this season with Toro Rosso.

In my latest for Motorsport Week I state his case. You can have a read here:

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