Sunday 1 September 2019

Scrap Don’t Sell Your Car

Is it time to get rid of your car? If your vehicle is on the brink of destruction then chances are you
will have a difficult time selling it. This is when you should consider scrapping your vehicle instead. There are so many cars on the road, it isn’t difficult to pick something up second-hand cheap. Therefore, if your vehicle is looking shabby and doesn’t run so well, you’re going to have a hard time selling it when there are so many other options available. If your car has reached the end of its lifetime, it could be time to send it to the scrap yard, and we’ve got some reasons why you should consider it…

You can make cash from scrapping your car 

It is not a very well-known fact that you can actually make some cash when it comes to scrapping your vehicle. When you sell your vehicle to a scrap yard, they are buying the item in order to recycle and re-use the different parts, as well as the metal. As long as the company are legitimate, all scrap yards should pay you for scrapping the vehicle and you shouldn’t have to pay a penny. The scrap yard will give you a valuation, collect the car for free and scrap it. To find your local scrap yard visit

Although sometimes this may not be as much money as you hoped to get from buying it, it is after all guaranteed money. There is always a chance that it will take a while to sell your car, or you may not sell it at all. When it becomes difficult, you may end up selling your car off for cheaper than you expected anyway. On top of this, selling your car can be a lot of hassle and is no way near as simple as scrapping it. 

Splitting the car into parts 

Now you know that you can make money from scrapping your vehicle, but you could take this one step further and sell the parts separately. Say a scrap yard value your vehicle at £400, well it might be if you sold your tyres on their own they might fetch you £200. Then you sell your engine for a few hundred, the inner material makes you some money and there are several other parts that can make you cash on their own. By this point you can potentially double your earnings. 

All it takes is time and patience. It might take longer to sell specific parts before scrapping the vehicle, but it may certainly be worth it. If you don’t know the ins and outs of vehicles, it might be worth consulting someone that does so you know what you can remove yourself and which parts need an expert involved. You could even end up earning more than you would if you sold the vehicle to a buyer. 

People always need parts 

Just because you no longer need the parts to the car, it doesn’t mean that nobody else wants them. Think of how many times you’ve had a specific part of your vehicle break down and you’ve needed to have it replaced. Mechanics are always looking for good working parts that they can fit to other vehicles to repair them. Or you may even find a private seller that needs parts to fix their own car. There are a variety of possibilities that come with scrapping your car instead of selling it. 

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