Tuesday 29 January 2013

Talking about F1/Dusky Blog F1 Quiz - Result and Winner

Talking about F1 teamed up with Dusky Blog F1 to hold an F1 quiz, and for this I put together some F1 questions of the sport's past and present.

The deadline for entries has now passed, and having totted up the points from those entries we're please to announce that the quiz winner is @TifosiJourneyer. Very well done!

@TifosiJoureyer will therefore win a Red Bull cap, a McLaren 2013 calendar and an F1Times T-shirt (M).

@TifosiJourneyer pipped @jaemsk17 by just two points. Greater WAG knowledge proved vital...

The prizes have been contributed by @naijasolar and my good self. @naijasolar is running the Adidas Half-marathon for Red Bull Racing’s charity, Wings For Life and has an eBay auction to sell some F1 memorabilia for the charity.

Thanks very much to everyone who entered. And in case you're curious, the quiz questions and answers are below:


1) Who scored fastest race lap in each of the following 2012 Grands Prix? 1 point each
a) Malaysia
b) China
c) Spain
d) Italy
e) India
a) Kimi Raikkonen
b) Kamui Kobayashi
c) Romain Grosjean
d) Nico Rosberg
e) Jenson Button

2) Who has scored more F1 podium finishes, Ayrton Senna or Fernando Alonso? 1 point
Answer: Fernando Alonso

3) Rank the following drivers in order of age, oldest first: Daniel Ricciardo, Jean-Eric Vergne, Jaime Alguersuari, Sebastien Buemi. 1 point
Answer: Buemi, Ricciardo, Alguersuari, Vergne

4) Match the base to the F1 team. 1 point each
a) Brackley
b) Banbury
c) Hinwil
d) Silverstone
e) Grove
a) Mercedes 
b) Marussia 
c) Sauber 
d) Force India 
e) Williams

5) Aside from grid drops for technical reasons, how many penalties did Lewis Hamilton receive in 2012? 1 point
Answer: 0

6) Name the last F1 race in which Sebastian Vettel retired because of a collision? 1 point
Answer: Turkish GP 2010

7) Prior to Sergio Perez finishing 2nd in Malaysia in 2012, when was the previous time someone other than Vettel, Webber, Hamilton, Button or Alonso achieved an F1 podium finish? 1 point
Answer: Nick Heidfeld in the Malaysian GP in 2011

8) Prior to Nico Rosberg winning in China in 2012, when was the previous time someone other than Vettel, Webber, Hamilton, Button or Alonso won an F1 race? 1 point
Answer: Rubens Barrichello in the Italian GP in 2009

9) Match the 2012 F1 race engineer to the F1 driver. 1 point each
a) Rob Smedley
b) Guillaume Rocquelin
c) Tony Ross
d) Juan Pablo Ramirez
e) Xevi Pujolar
a) Felipe Massa 
b) Sebastian Vettel 
c) Nico Rosberg 
d) Heikki Kovalainen 
e) Pastor Maldonado

10) How many times did Heikki Kovalainen reach Q2 in a qualifying session in 2012? And where? 1 point for number of times and 1 point for correct venue(s)
Answer: Twice, Bahrain and Valencia 

11) Prior to retiring in the 2012 US Grand Prix, when was the previous time Mark Webber retired from an F1 race due to a mechanical failure? 1 point
Answer: Singapore in 2009

12) Name the best starting grid positions in 2012 for each of the following drivers. 1 point each
a) Jean-Eric Vergne
b) Kamui Kobayashi
c) Felipe Massa
d) Pedro De La Rosa
e) Paul Di Resta
a) 11th 
b) 2nd 
c) 3rd 
d) 20th 
e) 6th

13) List the following drivers in order of number of Grand Prix wins (most first): Mark Webber, Jenson Button, Felipe Massa, Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton. 1 point each
Answers: Hamilton, Raikkonen, Button, Massa, Webber

14) List the following drivers in order of number of Grand Prix starts (most first): Sergio Perez, Vitaly Petrov, Nico Hulkenberg, Kamui Kobayashi, Narain Karthikeyan. 1 point each
Answers: Kobayashi, Petrov, Karthikeyan, Hulkenberg, Perez

15) In how many 2012 qualifying sessions did Narain Karthikeyan fail to set a time within 107% of the Q1 best? 1 point
Answer: 3


16) Match these F1 drivers to their less famous F1 driver siblings. 1 point each
a) Jody Scheckter
b) Emerson Fittipaldi
c) Gilles Villeneuve
a) Ian Scheckter 
b) Wilson Fittipaldi 
c) Jacques Villeneuve (senior)

17) Name the last Grand Prix to be held on a day other than a Sunday. 1 point
Answer: 1985 South Africa GP (held on a Saturday)

18) Three drivers have won the F1 world drivers' championship without leading the championship during the season. Name them. 1 point each
Answers: John Surtees, James Hunt, Sebastian Vettel (2010)

19) Other than in the Indianapolis 500, which was the first F1 Grand Prix to feature a safety car/pace car during the race? 1 point
Answer: Canadian GP 1973

20) Name the winner and the year that the last time the Italian Grand Prix was won by a driver qualifying outside of the top 5. 1 point each for winner and year
Answer: David Coulthard, 1997 (started 6th)

21) There are three Grands Prix that Gerhard Berger won twice. Name them. 1 point each
Answer: Germany, Japan, Australia

22) Jean Alesi only won one Grand Prix. In how many Grands Prix did he finish 2nd? 1 point
Answer: 16

23) Name the F1 constructor with the biggest gap between two F1 wins. 1 point
Answer: Mercedes, 57 years between the 1955 Italian GP and the 2012 Chinese GP

24) Name the country that each of the following F1 drivers were born in. 1 point each
a) Jochen Rindt
b) Keke Rosberg
c) Lorenzo Bandini
a) Germany
b) Sweden 
c) Libya

25) Rank the following drivers in order of number of F1 Grand Prix wins (most first): Juan Pablo Montoya, Keke Rosberg, Gilles Villeneuve, Jacky Ickx, Dan Gurney. 1 point
Answer: Ickx, Montoya, Villeneuve, Rosberg, Gurney

26) Which F1 driver was nicknamed 'Taffy'? 1 point
Answer: Wolfgang Von Trips

27) Which F1 driver took part in the most races before their first win? 1 point
Answer: Mark Webber (130 starts)

28) Which Grand Prix had no retirements and no pitstops? 1 point
Answer: 1961 Dutch GP

29) Which driver took BRM's last ever F1 win? 1 point
Answer: Jean-Pierre Beltoise

Picture round

30) Match the WAGs (wives and girlfriends) to the 2012 F1 driver. 1 point each



c) 13505742076423_full.jpg

d) gabytarkanyi630.jpg


a) Timo Glock 
b) Bruno Senna 
c) Kimi Raikkonen 
d) Pastor Maldonado 
e) Michael Schumacher 

Tie breaker: What was the lap time set by Helmut Marko driving a BRM on lap 3 of the 1971 US Grand Prix? (in the event of a tie the closest answer wins) Tie-break: 
Answer: 1m 50.407secs

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