Wednesday 19 August 2015

Inside Line F1 Podcast - Is MotoGP Really Better Than F1?

Is MotoGP really better than F1? Mithila Mehta and Kunal Shah wonder and try to decode why Niki Lauda thinks so. They also look forward to this weekend's Belgian Grand Prix and understand how and why are drivers lining up to race for the Haas F1 Team in 2016. Lastly, will F1 lose Fernando Alonso to another series? Tune in! (Season 2015; Episode 26)

Topics to look forward to:
  • Why is the Strategy Group meeting on a Tuesday? Ever wondered? We tell you why!
  • Will F1 lose Alonso to another racing series?
  • Ferrari vs. Mercedes – will that be the future of F1 w.r.t engines?
  • Despite our wishes, we tell you why Kimi Raikkonen might stay in Ferrari in 2016
  • We tell Wolff why Bottas should leave Williams!
  • Red Bull Racing – Mercedes seems like a possibility sooner or later. Will they get equal engines though?
  • If not, why would Mercedes not treat them equally?
  • Pirelli’s F1 budget is close to that of a midfield team. Why do they not run a team then?
  • FIA finally does some policing – thank you for saving two teams from the ruins!
  • We try and name the 10 drivers that are reportedly talking to Haas F1 Team for 2016
  • Yes, finally we tell you why MotoGP is better than F1!
  • On to Spa, we make our predictions. This is despite the new start procedures put in place to make the sport unpredictable

Kunal has been writing on F1 for eight seasons, you can visit Kunal's website at: and you also can follow him on Twitter here.

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