Tuesday 18 August 2015

New Vital F1 article: Why Honda might still get it right

Photo: Octane Photography
At the outset of this 2015 F1 season we had something new and exciting with us. That being the rekindling of possibly the sport's most famous and decorated team and engine supplier partnership from history, that of McLaren and Honda.

And yet half a season on it all on current standing can only be filed under 'major disappointment', with the down-on-power and unreliable Honda power unit the main culprit for this.

Many have given their view on what they think Honda is getting wrong, but using history as a guide - specifically the 1980s and early 1990s when Honda ruled the roost - I explain that while it's taking time to come right it's too early to write Honda off just yet. And that what everyone is assuming is the wrong way may in time turn out to be the right one. No really, stay with me...

You can have a read of it all via this link: http://vitalf1.com/sitepage.asp?a=3087

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