Thursday 10 September 2015

Inside Line F1 Podcast - Is Lewis Hamilton Greater Than Ayrton Senna?

Is Lewis Hamilton greater than Ayrton Senna? Should he win in Singapore, he could be so, at least statistically say Mithila and I in the latest episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast.

Photo: Octane Photography
Can we officially label this as the Lewis Hamilton era? And we reveal our vested interests in his titles!

This week too, the FIA joined us in delivering humour to our listeners - we still can't get over the record 168 grid penalties! And thankfully, they didn't deliver to the Tifosi a dream result of a Ferrari victory via a post-race disqualification for Lewis Hamilton. After Pirelli-Ferrari saga in Spa, we almost had a Pirelli-Mercedes one in Monza. Will it be Pirelli-Red Bull Racing in Singapore?

We also discuss why Honda and Renault would be envious of Pirelli's position in the sport and if Bernie could save Lotus by funding them a few millions, we can’t decode the strange logic as to why he wouldn't be interested in saving the iconic circuit of Monza.

The 'luck of the number 2' struck Nico Rosberg, whose championship challenge (i.e. if he was in one) only got tougher. As for Kimi Raikkonen, we wonder what Ferrari's radio messages to him were for his delayed start that saw him go from P2 to P22!

Lastly, we have proof that F1 FANS LOVE DRS, hover over to our Facebook page and see it for yourself!

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