Wednesday 23 September 2015

Singapore Grand Prix review for Motor Verso - The familiar amid the unfamiliar

Here is the latest of my regular race reviews for Motor Verso, this time for the astonishing Singapore Grand Prix just passed.

Photo: Octane Photography
That 'F1 is never predicable' claim can wear a bit thin sometimes, especially in an age of single-car domination such as now. But it has truth in it, and the Singapore weekend gave us a glaring example, with the usually haughty Mercedes somehow suddenly nowhere. It was like we'd stepped through the looking glass...

But even in this unusual scenario there was something naggingly familiar about how the race was won.

You can have a read of my thoughts on it all here:

Do check out the Motor Verso site too; you'll find motoring news, car reviews and features - the team on the site carry out week-long test drives of the latest cars - as well as photos and videos of the machines.

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