Wednesday 23 December 2015

Merry Christmas from Talking about F1

If your Christmas traditions are anything like mine then it'll include somewhere near its core Santa delivering you the Autocourse annual - motorsport's most authoritative record of the year just passed.

Me. In a Santa hat. As you will have deciphered.
So in this spirit and to keep you all ticking over during the Christmas period I've decided - humbly of course - to gather some articles of my own from the year, kind of like my own Autocourse, expect with more me. Obviously. And it won't set you back whatever is the Autocourse cover price these days. Here they are:

My final thoughts on the 2015 year

Tribute to the 2015 World Champion Lewis Hamilton

My Top Ten Drivers of 2015

My thoughts on every other 2015 F1 driver who didn't make my top ten

All of my race reports from the 2015 season can be found here

And here are my qualifying reports

And a few features too:

Has Sebastian Vettel finally converted his doubters?

Why was Red Bull so stupid in its engine saga?

Why life got tougher for Nico Rosberg in 2015

There, more than enough to keep you out of mischief during any down time that may be coming your way. And of course may I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year. Be good to each other xx

And here's a Christmas tune for you...


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