Monday 14 December 2015

New Grand Prix Times article: Why was Red Bull so stupid in its engine saga?

So after all that, Red Bull is remaining; it has an engine for 2016. And in a way that could not have more aptly encapsulated the futility of its prolonged crash, bang, wallop, it has ended up almost exactly where it started before it all kicked off.

Photo: Octane Photography
But it does leave the question 'why?' Why exactly those senior Red Bull figures, presumably very clever and certainly very successful people, persistently played their collective hand so badly? Whatever the rights and wrongs of what the team was trying to do (and we can debate those) it somehow created a situation where it every stage seemed to have no alternative options, beyond the nuclear one of leaving the sport altogether. No wonder it kept on getting rebuffed.

In my latest article for Grand Prix Times I attempt to answer this question, including wondering if, rather than Red Bull in this engine saga losing what it was that made it such an effective and successful organisation, in some sense it became too much of it.

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