Sunday 26 March 2017

Apex Race Manager 2017 - New racing sim and strategy game, and a competition to win a FREE upgrade pack

Are you an F1 fan that likes gaming? And are looking for something that's a bit different?

If either or both of these are the case, then you may be interested that Beermogul Games has created a unique racing strategy game, updated for the new 2017 season and cars: Apex Race Manager 2017.

In the game you get to establish a career of your own at motor sport's highest echelon, and after a very brief driving test you start at a back-of-grid team for the season-opening race in Australia.

As the laps of each race tick along you have to make decisions about your driving aggression, tyre strategy and fuel. As just like the real thing you can't burn things all at once - you have to judge when to attack and when to defend. You also can choose when to pit, what tyre compound to bolt on and what your strategy is.

Occasionally you'll have specific challenges too, such as reacting as quickly as possible to the red lights going out at the race start, changing all four wheels at your pit stops (again, as quickly as possible), and top-down driving challenges such as dodging backmarkers and negotiating hairpins.

As you gather prize money and points you also can invest in your set of wheels - such as in the aero, engineering and fuel consumption.

And if that wasn't enough you may on occasion - if your team mate is on your tail - have to decide whether to obey or ignore team orders...

It's all good fun, tricky to master and rather addictive. And it's available to download for free on iOS and Android.

And even better we have five PRO Packs to upgrade the game to give away FREE to Talking about F1 readers. PRO Packs add wet weather conditions, safety cars, and a driver/team editor - which means you can switch driver lineups while retaining their skill levels, so you can see how top drivers get on in backmarking teams...

To enter the competition to win one of five PRO Packs please give your email address (so we can get in touch as well as get the prize to you if you're a lucky winner) and answer the very simple question in the box below. Five winners of the upgrade pack will be chosen at random by me from the correct answers. Good luck!


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