Wednesday 1 March 2017

Inside Line F1 Podcast - From T-Bone To T-Wing

The 't-wing' has been the talk of the paddock and the pre-season test in Barcelona. While most teams have one, Mercedes have gone and got themselves two! Will the t-wing be outlawed, like the t-bone? And then what about the shark-fin cover which seems more like an ugly whiteboard this season? The 2017 cars look sexy, no doubt, but get rid of these aero add-ons, please?

In this week's episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, Mithila and Kunal refrain from cracking too many McLaren-Honda jokes and then settle for a self-imposed of at least a joke each. If Lewis Hamilton says that overtaking might be difficult in these new cars, there's a serious cause of worry, especially because there's only one Max 'Overtake' Verstappen on the grid.

They also discuss the trigger for Williams-JCB partnership, Liberty Media's liberty to Formula 1 teams for generating social media content, Fernando Alonso's Red Bull Racing inspired helmet design and how RAI won Hamilton's helmet design competition. Tune in!

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(Season 2017, Episode 08)

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