Thursday 4 August 2016

Inside Line F1 Podcast - Max Verstappen Obeyed Team Orders

Max Verstappen vs. Daniel Ricciardo seems more fun than the battle of the Mercedes drivers. Well, it will seem so till Red Bull Racing decide to play favourites. Since the flavour of the season is 'Verstappen', did Nico Rosberg get penalised for pulling a Max Verstappen on Max Verstappen? Well, he learned it the hard way that NO ONE overtakes Max Verstappen! And on that note, we tell you why Verstappen obeying a team order isn't too bad (for him) after all.

Nico Rosberg might need a sports psychologist, but he's got Niki Lauda by his side till he gets one helping him cope with the 62 points swing in his Drivers' Championship battle. The Formula 1 bromance continues over free ice-cream! While Mercedes' pit-stop blunder added to Rosberg's disaster, we wonder if fans would've cried 'controversy' had the same happened to their ever-favourite Lewis Hamilton.

With 'wet starts' being reinstated in Formula 1, Rosberg might not entirely be pleased. On a more serious note, we've seriously got to look at and support Daniil Kvyat. Are we caring too much about his racing career over his mental well being?

Are Sergio Perez and his sponsors being foolish in looking for options outside of Force India? Would Williams or Renault actually be a better bet for him?

After thousand of quotes from the drivers and management, Ferrari admitted their car was just 'slow'! Thank you for being honest.

Williams are publicly pursuing Jenson Button. We talk about the polygamous ways of our sport. Will they have a Button-Massa, Button-Bottas or Button-Perez combination? Well, so long as they keep Jenson Button in the sport.

Bernie Ecclestone's job, now weren't we the first ones to say it had to be an insider's job? Ecclestone's helicopter pilot was of course upset. After all, it is known that the CEO of the sport takes off in his helicopter and leaves the circuit way before the race ends! Imagine going to the races, but not getting to see the action till the end.

Finally, Mick Schumacher. He's enjoying attention from Ferrari and Mercedes at the same time. We can't recollect which other driver has enjoyed attention from these rivals teams publicly.

Tune in!

(Season 2016, Episode 26)

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