Sunday 21 August 2016

The latest Lights to Flag Podcast - Driver Market Speculation

The second episode of the Lights to Flag podcast has landed. And it's a special edition looking at the 2017 F1 drivers' market.

On the latest edition I, along with host Ewan Marshall and fellow guest Owen Davies, explore who is likely to be going where for 2017. Even with the 'big three' of Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari having confirmed their pairing there still is plenty of intrigue.

We discuss what's likely to happen with the vacancies in each of the other eight teams, and even make predictions of who'll be on the grid for the opening round next season. Plenty of potential fun to be had in quoting those back to me in weeks and months to come...

You can listen to the podcast below. Do let us know what you think, we're very keen to hear feedback. You can also interact with the podcast, such as by suggesting questions or letting us know your comments, via its Twitter account and on its Facebook page.

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