Tuesday 25 October 2016

New Motor Verso article: Is it time to reconsider Rosberg?

What is it with Nico Rosberg? Has any driver ever been so hard to place? Been the subject of so much fevered argument about where they fit?

Photo: Octane Photography
Even now. As he stands somewhere on the cusp on the drivers' title there still is resistance. And in my latest article for Motor Verso I try to unravel why this is. As well as outline why it's time to reconsider,

You can have a read here: http://www.motorverso.com/time-reconsider-rosberg-think/

Do check out the Motor Verso site too; you'll find motoring news, car reviews and features - the team on the site carry out week-long test drives of the latest cars - as well as photos and videos of the machines.

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