Thursday 20 October 2016

The latest Lights to Flag Podcast - 2016 US Grand Prix Preview

The latest Lights to Flag podcast is among us, and this time Ewan and I were privileged to be joined by Luke Smith of NBC Sports (among other things!) to look ahead to this weekend's US Grand Prix.

We explore what we can expect this weekend, what makes Austin such a popular stop-off, on and off the track, as well as the importance of America to F1 - and the challenges to making it work. In addition we discuss many other matters of moment, including the latest on the drivers' market latest with Nico Hulkenberg's move to Renault confirmed and the question, raised by many in Suzuka, of blue flags.

As ever you can listen via the player below.

You also can interact with the podcast via its Twitter account and on its Facebook page. If you want to appear on it give us a shout too. And if you have comments then get them to us via the various channels and we'll read out the good ones on a future episode!

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