Sunday 1 July 2018

How to Replace Your Headlight Bulbs

There are several reasons which may require you to replace your headlight bulbs. Your bulbs may simply have outlived their lifespan or they might have got broken in an accident. No matter what the reason is, it is actually pretty easy to change your headlight bulbs on your own. 

With our handy guide, you can save your money and time by self-servicing your vehicle. Before you start the process, you are advised to assemble the required tools. In most of the cases, you only require a screwdriver, a wrench set, and a pair of gloves. 

Remove faulty headlight bulb: While this step may seem intuitive, it may take some extra effort to actually access the bulb. In most of the cases, the bulbs are accessible through the engine compartment. You may simply open the hood and replace the bulb from its holder. If you are not able to access your headlight bulb this way, then you may have to refer to your owner’s manual to figure out the way to access your headlight bulb.

Unbolt the headlight bulbs: While you may access the headlight bulbs from under the hood, it is a lot easier and more convenient to simply remove the headlight unit by unscrewing the retaining bolts. This way you can remove the whole unit and make the process more productive. You can then move on to disconnect the wiring harness. After this simply give your headlight bulb a quarter turn and pop it out. 

Insert the new one: Once you have got the faulty bulb out, you may want to clean the unit with a cloth and rubbing alcohol. You may now simply insert the new bulb in. Once you find the silicon O ring touching the slot, give your new bulb a small twist to screw it in. After this, you may reconnect the wiring harness. 
Also remain cautious that you do not touch the bulb since it may create a hot spot on the bulb. It is also judicious to wear gloves to protect your hands as well as the bulbs.

Start the vehicle: Now that your new headlight bulb is in, it is time to check that everything is fine. Start your vehicle and turn on your headlights. This is also the time

to check whether your headlights are aligned properly and have the right aim. This step will ensure that your headlights are able to throw light on the road in the correct direction. 

In order to make your headlight bulbs last longer, you may take certain precautions. Many cars come with halogen bulbs while newer cars tend to have Xenon bulbs. The latter provides whiter and brighter light. 

These are also known as High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights. If your car has HID lights, then you should remain very cautious while changing them. If you are in doubt, then take your car to a mechanic to replace your HID headlight bulbs.
Halogen bulbs tend to lose their brightness quicker. This is due to wear and tear effect caused to their filament. In these types of cases, you may want to change them even if they are still working. Since their light dims after prolonged usage, putting new headlight bulbs in will provide you brighter light and better performance. 

It is also vital to flip the switch (pun intended) for the right kind of bulb while shopping for a new one. There are many dealers and auto stores which let you provide them with your car, its model number, and other details to find out the bulbs which are compatible with your vehicle. Once you choose the brightest halogen headlight bulbs, drive safe with properly functioning headlight bulbs.

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