Thursday 1 November 2018

New Motorsport Week article: Why Ferrari ditching Fernando Alonso cost it two titles

After Lewis Hamilton clinched his latest world championship many aspects of what the achievement means were discussed.

Photo: Octane Photography
But there was one part that escaped comment mostly - that now Ferrari will have to go 12 years at least without a drivers' title.

This time it's hard to say it's to do primarily with the car's shortcomings, rather points dropped via mistakes by Sebastian Vettel have been crucial. Perhaps similar could be said of the 2017 championship too.

Then there's the guy Vettel replaced. For all that we like to say that the relentless Fernando Alonso has cost himself championships with his antics are we looking through the wrong end of the telescope? Is it not the case that Ferrari has cost itself the last two titles by chasing Alonso out the door?

In my latest Motorsport Week feature article I lay out the case. You can have a read via this link.

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