Saturday, 15 February 2020

An Exclusive Preview of the Upcoming Team Lotus Print Book... by Ibrar Malik

Team Lotus: Struggling Beyond The Post Colin Chapman Era (print version) is almost upon us! Its expected release date is 1/5/2020 and if you would like to find out more please click here. Within that link it is explained if a certain number of people pre-order the book it will reduce its price. If you would like to pre-order the print book, then please contact me here with your name and what Lotus F1 car from between 1983 to 1989 you would like your special Team Lotus A4 print, that will come with the book, to be of. There is no deposit required at this stage, and you will then be contacted in due course with further details on how to pre-order the book.

***Please note we are only planning to print 100 copies of this book, and unless demand dictates otherwise that will be it. Thus pre-ordering is highly recommended to avoid disappointment***

Meanwhile, an abridged Audiobook or E-Book version is currently available to buy by clicking on the relevant links. More details over what is included along with a free sample is also contained within those links. It is worth noting the E-book is merely a "demo" for the print book (to use a gaming analogy) to satisfy ourselves there would be enough interest. It is also why the E-Book and Audiobooks are priced so cheaply at only £9.99. Click here to read Motorsport News's review of the E-Book which had a lot of positive things to say about the book's level of research and detail. Obviously we will work hard to ensure the other comments are used to constructively improve the print book's conclusions. The E-Book and Audiobooks (which should be available on Audible shortly) are really for people who can't afford £25.99 for the print book. Below helps you decide which book is best for you.

The below shows you what will be covered in the print book above the Audio and E-book versions 
Introducing The Background Behind This

Please click here to learn how this project all came about and why. That link also includes an interview with Autosport Magazine (published last week) over Team Lotus: Struggling Beyond The Post Colin Chapman Era.

Introducing The Book's Co-Author

You can find out more about Neil White, the Lotus book co-author, here. Because Neil is a true Lotus enthusiast he will ensure the team's memory is well represented and all facts are accurate. Whereas I, a total F1 nerd with a background in business, will try to identify where the team might have gone wrong, along with who or what might have been to blame, and how things might have been done differently. When researching for the 1994 book it was painful seeing a Lotus F1 car usually at the back of the grid, hence why I want answers: how did the once great team get to that point?

The key reason behind the 1994 book's success was the author's passion, and Neil has that in bucket loads with this subject having researched it since 2012. Whereas I now have the publishing experience of channelling that passion into producing a great book. So not only will it benefit from having two authors for this reason, but also Neil will be giving the positive Team Lotus perspective with me playing devil's advocate to those views, something that worked really well in the 1994 book.

1994 - The Untold Story, Book Update

In case you have yet to read / listen to 1994 - The Untold Story, then I'm pleased to announce both the print book's and Audiobook's price have now been reduced:

You can order the print version of the 1994 book here (reduced from £29 to £25)

You can order an abridged Audiobook version of the 1994 book here (reduced from £9.99 to £7.72)

In case you missed them first time around, I've collated the reviews of the 1994 book here.

Happy reading / listening and if you like any of my books, please leave a review. Many people rely on these reviews to find their next great book. It also helps wannabe authors like me produce more F1 books for you.

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