Sunday 16 February 2020

These are the best places to watch the Monaco Grand Prix, by Rob Antonis

The Monaco Grand Prix is easily the most exciting and iconic Formula 1 event that can be attended. Its setting in the harbour and streets of Monte Carlo offers a very unique feeling, as the compactness of the race allows you to feel really close to the action. It is of course a prestigious event, and the average Formula 1 fan may not be able to afford the premium packages on offer, but any chance to attend this great race should be jumped on immediately!

Photo: Octane Photography
The excitement of a Monaco Grand Prix is always best experienced when you're there to see and feel it, and that's why every Formula 1 fan with the means to do so should attend without question. The world's rich and famous know this and, for this reason, they can often be spotted in various premium locations at this event. You won't usually see them in the stands exposed to the elements though, as there are way better places to watch the racing action like the large variety of luxury hospitality packages that enable stunning views of the race combined with the highest levels of food-and-drink service for those who can afford it. Three viewing points that offer unique angles on the action are listed below.

From a Yacht
Just being on a yacht is glamorous enough in itself, but being on a yacht with a view of the Monaco Grand Prix is something else entirely. Yachts are stationed in the harbour, which gives them a perfect view of the cars flying out of the famous tunnel on Monaco's circuit. Enjoy top-class canapés, gourmet lunches and an open bar with highest quality champagne and other drinks as you enjoy one of the best close-up views possible. The yacht will also have big plasma screen TVs for keeping track of the parts of the circuit that you won't be able to see. This is an unmissable experience, but there are better options if you're specifically looking for the best views.

The Paddock Club
Photo: Octane Photography
At most races, this is the number one choice, and the Paddock Club Monaco really doesn't disappoint. You're always in good hands here as all of the hospitality is run by Formula 1 itself, and on top of a great view of the Rascasse, you'll get access to exclusive guided tours and pitlane walks. You can also enjoy the Paddock Club Entertainment, which includes Formula 1 simulators and the Guests' Parade Truck Tour. There is of course a free-flow bar open all day, serving Champagne and everything else, as well as fine gourmet lunches. However, those seeking out the absolute best views of the race may want to explore the following option instead.

Ermanno Palace
This is the best-kept secret of the Monaco Grand Prix, and the best choice if you're looking for an unrivalled viewing point. The Ermanno Palace building is right next to the track and hosts a number of exclusive hospitality events during the race weekend, at which you can expect the same high standards of gourmet food and free-flowing beverages as the other locations mentioned. Especially on its higher floors, this building offers unique and unbeatable views of the race, due to the fact that you can see cars passing more than once on the same lap. The starting straight, first turn, tunnel exit and the Rascasse can all be seen from this one point. Due to its unrivalled and unique view, Ermanno Palace Monaco Grand Prix Suites are a highly-sought-after location among Formula 1 connoisseurs.

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